Harmony XL Pro for hair removal in Portsmouth

Why choose the Harmony XL Pro for hair removal in Portsmouth at Perfect Skin Solutions?

At Perfect Skin Solutions we know how popular hair removal treatment in Portsmouth is becoming, and with the warmer months now arriving it’ll soon be time to bare your legs.

With more and more women seeking a long term hair reduction treatment without pain, Harmony XL Pro for hair removal is the go to option for clients looking to minimise body hair in quick time.

Ahead of the summer holidays, clients are seeking Harmony XL Pro for hair removal in Portsmouth because it offers a variety of benefits. Hair reduction treatment using this non surgical skin rejuvenation device is simple to perform, totally painless, and can offer impressive hair removal results in minimal sessions, compared to older laser and IPL hair reduction devices.

Choosing Harmony XL Pro for hair removal in Portsmouth over traditional hair reduction treatments

One of the first questions clients ask is will the results of IPL hair removal last for the long term. The Harmony XL Pro is an ideal device for hair removal treatments because it’s innovative technology means it can blast the root of the hair causing long term damage to the follicle. With a course of laser hair removal treatments in Portsmouth, clients can expect a long term solution to unwanted body hair.

Harmony XL Pro for hair removal allows the practitioner to offer targeted treatments, ensuring that if you only have a small area which requires attention you can treat that area without damaging any of the skin around it. A consultation with Dr Dev Patel is the best way to discover whether this form of non-surgical treatment is appropriate for your aesthetic needs and cosmetic goals.

On top of this, this energy assisted laser treatment in Portsmouth can be used as a skin rejuvenation solution as well. The benefits of choosing this as a skin rejuvenation treatment include tattoo removal, anti ageing and age spot removal, acne reduction and acne scarring treatment, wrinkle reduction, treating thread veins and melasma, and even treating sun damage.

Another benefit of using the Harmony XL Pro for hair removal is that it can also be used to treat the face. Unlike other energy assisted devices which can damage the skin, the Harmony XL Pro for facial hair removal offers a delicate treatment for the targeted removal of fine hairs above the lip, on the side of the face, and the chin.

Unlike when waxing facial hair, this hair removal treatment in Portsmouth is safe and offers long term results, making it popular with women of all ages.

For more information about the many uses and benefits of choosing treatment with Harmony XL Pro for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, treating acne, anti ageing, and treating sun damage please contact Dr Dev Patel directly at the clinic.