How to manage and treat acne skin

Acne affects 85% of the population at some point in their life and is certainly not confined to the teenage years. It is an inflammatory skin condition which may involve the hair follicles of the face, chest or back. Increased sebum (oil) production combined with changes in the skin cells lining the follicles, leads to clogging of the follicular pore. Bacteria called P.acnes then proliferate within this plug leading to the various pimples we see on the surface. I see patients of all ages bothered by their acne and often find that just implementing very basic skincare protocols improves their skin in a matter of weeks. The skin is often “angry” and it needs to be calmed down. I talk about acne-ridden skin like a misbehaving child. It needs both love and discipline in equal measure. Too many sufferers bombard their skin with harsh cleansers or make-up and over-washing. My first aim is to rebalance their skin environment by bringing down inflammation and restoring normal pH and hydration levels. Remember that over-production of sebum is in part due to the skin being dehydrated and the body over-compensating. Many moisturisers just clog the follicles further, so we ensure we prescribe a tried and tested skincare regime, backed by strong clinical evidence. My go-to is the Triple Lock protocol for Acne, by Tebiskin, which we hyper-customise for each patient.

My next step is to introduce active ingredients deeper using the Enerpeel (chemical peel) system. If there is scarring present, or my patient is older and wishes to have other issues such as skin laxity addressed, my favourite protocol currently, involves Morpheus8 with Fractora (By INMODE). This is a powerful FDA-approved micro-needle-assisted radio-frequency treatment that can address almost every sign of skin damage and ageing along with banishing active spots and even pigmentation. Whether you are 18 or 80, it is a very impressive treatment to restore health and vitality to the skin. Just 2-3 visits can deliver the most impressive results and a massive boost in self-confidence.

By Dr Dev Patel, Founder & Medical Director, Perfect Skin Solutions


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