Best hair removal Portsmouth

The best hair removal Portsmouth has to offer at Perfect Skin Solutions

*Although laser hair removal is sometimes referred to as permanent hair removal Portsmouth, it is classed as permanent hair reduction and this should be considered the case throughout the blog*

When it comes to seeking a permanent solution to unwanted face and body hair, Perfect Skin Solutions has the best hair removal Portsmouth can offer.

Permanent hair removal with the Harmony XL Pro allows you to be free of unwanted body hair or embarrassing facial hair. The best hair removal Portsmouth clients can enjoy, it’s fast, effective and offers long-lasting results.

Helping both male and female clients, Perfect Skin Solutions is dedicated to offering the best laser hair removal treatments, allowing you to put an end to painful hair reduction alternatives such as waxing and electrolysis.

Our permanent hair removal treatments are available for clients from the local areas, including Southsea, Petersfield, Fleetwood, Chichester, Havant, Portsmouth, Fareham, and Southampton. Booking a consultation with Perfect Skin Solution’s expert therapists is the best way to discover what our laser hair removal treatments can do for you.

Is permanent hair removal Portsmouth right for you?

There are many benefits to undergoing permanent hair removal Portsmouth, and our clients are delighted with the results. Unlike waxing which doesn’t offer long lasting results, and electrolysis that can be painful, laser hair removal with Harmony XL Pro provides virtually pain-free permanent hair removal and is an investment for the long term.

Using the Harmony XL Pro platform the therapists at Perfect Skin Solutions are able to remove unwanted face or body hair, and can treat any skin tone or type. Even tanned skin can be treated with this innovative hair removal treatment in Portsmouth.

Our clients enjoy fast and comfortable permanent hair removal Portsmouth thanks to the unique technology within the Harmony XL Pro. This popular energy assisted platform can also be used for skin rejuvenation treatments at Perfect Skin Solutions, including tattoo removal plus the treatment of hyperpigmentation and other superficial skin concerns including thread veins.

What makes permanent hair removal Portsmouth unique?

Proven to permanently remove hair from the face and body without causing trauma to the skin, the platform reduces unwanted hair and prevents it from growing back. For the face we can use Harmony XL Pro to reduce hair on the chin, upper lip, sides of the face and more. For the body this type of laser hair removal treatment can minimise hair on the legs, under arms, abdomen and more.

Usually a course of Harmony XL Pro hair removal treatments is required to see the best results, but once complete clients are delighted with their smooth, fuzz free skin.

More information about the best hair removal Portsmouth

We accept male and female clients seeking laser hair removal from across the region, including areas such as Southsea, Petersfield, Fleetwood, Chichester, Havant, Portsmouth, Fareham, and Southampton.

Permanent hair removal Portsmouth can offer life changing results for clients who feel unhappy with excess or unwanted face and body hair. If you think our Harmony XL Pro hair removal treatment might be right for you contact the clinic’s reception team. Our experts will be delighted to help you on your journey to a happier you.