Through our extensive experience in treating people and skin conditions we offer a wide range of treatments relating to the body. Some of these conditions can also be managed by visiting our Lifestyle information section – click here for more information.

Excess Fat

Despite a healthy diet and exercise, there can be stubborn pockets of fat under the skin, which just do not want to shift. READ MORE

Excessive Sweating

The most common areas treated are armpits and palms. Hyperhidrosis has – quite understandably – a significant impact on quality of life. READ MORE

Hair Removal

Why shave, wax, or pluck every day, week or month of your life, when within just a few visits to our clinic, you could be enjoying lifelong smooth skin?! READ MORE

Thread Veins

Thread veins are tiny blood vessels which run close to the surface of the skin and look like fine red, or purple, wiggly lines. READ MORE

Stretch Marks

The most common cause for men is weight loss. These may appear as white or pink lines, most often on the abdomen. READ MORE


Scarring of the skin leaves a permanent cosmetic disturbance which can also have a significant psychological impact. READ MORE

Skin Tags

These are usually benign lesions but can be a significant nuisance, causing cosmetic disturbance and sometimes discomfort eg necklace area. READ MORE


Unfortunately, over the last decade, more and more clinical conditions have been removed from the NHS funding list, leaving patients without a cost-effective option for surgical management. READ MORE