Brows (Flat)

This is an issue which can be managed effectively but with differing results depending on the gender of the client.

There are a number of defining features regarding the eyebrows which can bring femininity to the face. One of these is the perfect arch. We can deliver targeted treatment to give you your ideal eyebrow position. In men and women, there can be excess hooding over the eyes which reduces the frame around the eyes and gives a worn out look. An appropriate lift can open up this frame and refresh the eye area.

Treatments Available


“The incredible alternative to surgery!”

Now being offered by Dr Dev Patel at our Portsmouth Clinic.

Launched at our clinic in 2014, PLEXR® is a revolutionary and patented innovation, opening a new and exciting frontier in the fields of Surgical and Aesthetic medicine.

Dr Patel is currently UK Ambassador and Lead Trainer AND Global Key Opinion Leader and Trainer for Plexr and Plexr Plus.

PLEXR® offers an effective alternative option to certain surgical procedures eg Non-surgical Blepharoplasty (baggy eyelid correction), Necklift & Facelift.

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Dermal Fillers

Incredible advancements in filler technology combined with the team’s 20 years experience with fillers, allow us to address a wide array of concerns. This includes age lines, volume loss (often ignored!), smoker’s/kiss lines and thin lips. Our speciality is to design a personal plan to make small subtle changes in multiple areas to create a significant but natural looking result.

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BTX-A (Anti Wrinkle Injections)

Botulinum Toxin-A (e.g. Botox or Bocouture) remains the number one anti-ageing treatment, primarily used for PREVENTION & TREATMENT of lines & wrinkles. We aim to give you a natural result; we do not support the frozen look. We also use this for other concerns eg armpit sweating, teeth grinding/TMJ pain and migraine. A safe and effective product used by millions of patients. In our experience, “Botox” is still very misunderstood, even amongst patients who have been having it for some years. We often hear in consultation that “no-one has ever told me that when I have had Botox before!” Let us introduce you to a truly expert approach to this popular treatment.

Botulinum Toxin A is available in a number of different brands. We offer two of the leading brands Botox and Bocouture, at the same price. A number of high quality, double-blind, randomised, controlled, split-face trials have shown that effectiveness and duration of effect are equal with these 2 brands. However, with a heavy emphasis on practising evidence-based medicine, our strong belief is that Bocouture is now the Gold Standard product to use. The main reason is that it is the only brand which does NOT contain complexing proteins. These proteins can be responsible for the immune system mounting a response that produces antibodies, rendering the treatment ineffective.

Benefits of Bocouture:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Free of complexing proteins
  • Stored at room temperature so no need for environmentally UNFRIENDLY packaging eg polystyrene and ice packs
  • Free of human-derived products
  • Licensed for use in all 3 areas of the upper face



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Brows (Flat) FAQs

My brows are uneven, can you make them look the same?

We have a lot of patients who have come to us from over waxing, plucking and tweezing their brows, where they’ve tried to get the brows to look even and have ended up making them look worse. By having BTX-A (botox, Bocouture) the Doctors can relax muscles to even out the brows. The doctors can recommend what is best for your face shape ie higher arch, flatter brow or if an additional injection on the side of your face where the eyebrow appears higher would complement your eye area.

We also have a great private microblading expert who can sort out the thickness, shape, colour, patchy and unevenness of your brows.

I have a scar in my brow, will this effect the look?

With the skill and knowledge our doctors have they will do all they can to make your brows look as similar as possible. A consultation will be needed and you both can come up with a plan of what will work best for you.

Will the procedures hurt?

With the smooth consistency of the fillers we use it will allow your clinician to administer the product easily and smoothly. It also contains local anaesthetic to reduce injection pain for a more comfortable experience.

BTX-A discomfort is minimal and brief. A very fine needle is used to inject. Once the injection is complete, there is usually no discomfort. Feedback from many clients who have had treatments elsewhere in the past, includes a far more comfortable experience at Perfect Skin Solutions and we believe this is due to the technique used by Dr Patel and the practitioners he has trained.

Plexr has some discomfort but local anaesthetic cream (numbing cream) is applied before and almost all patients are able to sit and chat away during the treatment.