Heel Pain

This is a very common area of the foot to give pain and a thorough assessment
can ensure correct diagnosis, to allow appropriate treatment to be administered
with the aim of resolving the pain.

The most common cause of heel is due to the band of muscle that extends from
the ball of the foot to the heel becoming strained at its insertion point. Usually
associated with flat feet (Plantar fasciitis).

Other causes of heel pain:
Calcaneal spur
Fat Pad Atrophy
Stress Fracture
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Sever’s Disease

Treatments Available

Biomechanics (Orthotics)

Appropriate biomechanical assessment and management can literally be life-changing; often, resolving chronic pain and improving functional ability, thereby improving quality of life. Even knee, hip or back pain can be due to a biomechanical problem in the lower limbs.

Rarely do we find that our left and right sides are symmetrical. When we stand, walk or run our body has to cope with and compensate for these anomalies. It is these compensations
that put structures such as muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons under undue strain as they begin functioning in an abnormal or compromised manner. Over time these structures
become inflamed or injured.

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