Ingrown Toenail

This is where the level of surgical skill matters most and you can be assured of being in the very best of hands with our podiatrist.

The toenail in this instance curls in, down the medial or lateral border of the nail or a sharp edge or spike may be growing into the nail sulcus. This condition can be familial, due to a poor nail cutting regime, or due to biomechanical problems. Treatment can be either surgical (removal of partial/total nail under local anaesthetic) or if possible, conservative with some form of foot aid and expert nail reduction.

Treatments Available


General chiropody is a core skill of any podiatrist. However, appropriate care and attention to the nails and skin can significantly improve both the cosmetic appearance of the feet, as well as resolve foot pain associated with problems such as callus.

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Nail Surgery

Our podiatrist has performed hundreds of nail surgery procedures over the last 20 years. We are well aware that the patient experience and indeed clinical outcome is very dependent on the practitioner and in both of these aspects, Nishal has extremely positive feedback.

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Nail Reconstruction

Perhaps a nail portion has cracked off or a thickened, oddly shaped or even fungal nail needs to be reshaped into one that is pleasing to the eye. If so Pedisafe nail remodeling system is the answer. Pedisafe is gel which is applied and curated under UVA light. A new nail is constructed of numerous layers depending on the shape of the original nail. 

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