Thickened Toenail

Toenails need professional attention when they become thickened, infected by
fungus, ingrown or are simply unreachable by the patient’s hands.

It is disappointing for us to often encounter new patients who have recently had
chiropody treatment, yet whose nails do not reflect comprehensive treatment.
Our thorough approach aims to leave your nails and feet in the best condition
possible. Furthermore, if pain is present, we strive to resolve this with treatment,
although more than one session may be required to achieve this

Treatments Available


General chiropody is a core skill of any podiatrist. However, appropriate care and attention to the nails and skin can significantly improve both the cosmetic appearance of the feet, as well as resolve foot pain associated with problems such as callus.

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Wilde Pedique

This is a treatment for those who would like their toenails to appear aesthetically more pleasing. Perhaps a nail portion has cracked off or a thickened, oddly shaped or even fungal nail needs to be reshaped into one that is pleasing to the eye. If so, Wilde Pedique nail reconstruction is the answer

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