If you have failed to rid this stubborn but very common condition, you may wish to supplement your treatment with paring down of the verruca or opt for a more definitive management option.

These are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV). The virus embeds itself between the striations of the skin and feeds off the body’s blood supply. Verrucae can occur anywhere on the skin but primarily occur on weight bearing areas. Their appearance resembles a cauliflower with black dots. A verruca can be either singular or may have little satellite verrucae around a larger one(mother). It is quite difficult to eradicate this virus as it usually lives undetected by the body’s natural immune system.

Treatments Available

Dry Needling

This technique alerts the body’s immune system to the presence of the verruca, thus triggering a healing response. Research shows a high percentage clearance rate within 16-18wks. For those longer standing stubborn verrucae, a second treatment may be required. 

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Chemical Cauterisation

Chemical cauterisation plays a major part in the treatment of verrucae. The two agents used at this clinic are Salicylic acid and Silver nitrate.

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Laser (Nd:YAG)

We are proud to have the Harmony XL Pro Laser system, from the makers of Soprano Ice.  The Harmony system uses both AFT (advanced version of IPL)  and Nd:YAG laser capability, thus enabling all skin types to be treated. This is used within both our aesthetic services as well as podiatry. Whether you want removal of unwanted hair or skin imperfections, we will be able to provide you with a cost-effective, safe and tailored treatment program.

Please note all harmony treatments require a patch test 48 hours prior to the initial treatment.

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