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Tattoo removal in Portsmouth

Choosing Harmony XL Pro for tattoo removal in Portsmouth

The Harmony XL Pro is one of the latest additions to the clinic at Perfect Skin Solutions, and has been showing excellent results when it comes to tattoo removal in Portsmouth.
In this weeks blog, Dr Dev Patel answers your questions on tattoo removal using Harmony XL Pro, and how non surgical tattoo removal can not only destroy unwanted body art, but also help to rejuvenate the skin.

What is tattoo removal?

This is a non-surgical form of skin rejuvenation which uses an advanced laser to gradually break down the pigment from tattoo ink. A course of treatments for tattoo removal in Portsmouth is required, but in most cases once your bespoke treatment is completed the unwanted body art is gone forever.

Is it effective and long term?

Absolutely. Unlike older or less effective forms of removal, treatments using the Harmony XL Pro are incredibly effective and offer results which last forever. Thanks to the super advanced technology, this device is able to remove tattoos over the course of treatments without damaging the skin around the tattoo, leading to a great result and minimal downtime.

Is it painful?

Whilst the treatment using Harmony XL Pro are not painful, in some cases clients may feel a warm sensation where the energy is penetrating the skin. Comparatively to any form of surgical treatment, or less advanced forms of tattoo removal technology, we find our clients believe tattoo removal treatments with Harmony XL Pro are comfortable.

Who’s the treatment suitable for?

Tattoo removal treatment is suitable for clients of all ages and both men and women seek this form of skin rejuvenation treatment at the clinic. One of the benefits of choosing to undergo tattoo removal treatments using the Harmony XL Pro that it is largely suitable for most clients seeking to remove unwanted body art.

How many sessions are needed?

Depending on whether the tattoo you wish to have removed his small and large, and what colour (or colours) the tattoo itself actually is, a bespoke treatment plan will be developed to remove your tattoo in as few sessions as possible. However, usually a small tattoo in black ink is likely to require fewer treatment sessions than a larger tattoo in red ink.

Can the Harmony XL Pro be used on all skin types/colours?

Yes, this is one of the main benefits of undergoing tattoo removal treatment using this advanced device. In the past, this form of energy assisted device has often been appropriate for people with darker pigmented skin, or clients who may have sensitive skin; the beauty of Harmony XL Pro (and why we’re so delighted to offer it to clients) is its versatility.
More information about tattoo removal treatments using the Harmony XL Pro at Perfect Skin Solutions please in touch with the reception team who will be delighted to book you a consultation. Further details about tattoo removal treatments in Portsmouth can also be found via our treatment pages, so do you take a moment to navigate your way around the site and find out a little bit more information to help you make informed decision.
Other skin rejuvenation treatments using the Harmony XL Pro include permanent hair removal, treatment for hyperpigmentation and age spots, thread vein and spider vein treatments, and acne and acne scarring treatments.





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