Brow Lift

Brows are the frame of the eyes and the shape and relative position of these, can significantly influence the appearance of the whole eye area and face. Men tend to have a heavier and flatter brow but both genders can benefit from lifting the brow, although the overall result aim is different. Traditionally, Botox was – and still is – used to try and achieve a lift. More recently, dermal fillers have been used. However, we now have Vibrance needle-shaping, which achieves a more predictable and natural-looking result.



Also known as Needle-Shaping, this is a micro-surgical device that involves NO cutting or injecting. Multiple acupuncture needles (very fine needles which are usually painless when applied to the skin) are used to transmit current to skin tissue. Your own collagen fibres can then be transplanted from one area to another by traction, using these fine needles. This also results in stimulation of new collagen to achieve a semi-permanent lift.

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Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time N/A
  • Full Recovery N/A
  • Duration of Results N/A
  • Back To Work Time N/A
  • Sensitivity Period 15 minutes
  • Anaesthetic N/A
  • Risks & Complications Bruising



£250 per treatment

£600 for 3 treatments


How many treatments would I need to achieve a browlift?

A lift will be achieved from the first treatment but usually, this will not be enough to meet your needs. Furthermore, the duration of effect is influenced by the number of treatments. We would recommend 3 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart, to achieve the desired lift.

How long does the result last for?

This is variable but long-term studies from Italy have shown results to last up to 3 years; sometimes longer. However, no guarantee can be given to any particular individual.


Does it hurt?

The needle used is extremely fine, like an acupuncture needle, so most people do not even feel its insertion. The lifting part of the technique is slightly uncomfortable, but the treatment is quite quick and so overall, the experience is tolerable.

Is there any downtime?

Almost none. Your skin may be ever so slightly pink but this usually settles within 15 minutes. Rarely, there can be a small bruise but most people enjoy no downtime at all.