Chin Correction

A commonly ignored feature of the face, the chin is a vital structure of the face and influences its appearance much more than most people appreciate. Subtle correction of issues such as a short or retrograde chin, can make a significant impact on the overall appearance of the face.

Before                                                                    After


Before                             After








Before                                                                      After



Before                                                                      After


Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time 30 mins
  • Full Recovery Usually same day
  • Duration of Results 12-18 months
  • Back To Work Time Immediate
  • Sensitivity Period Variable - usu. minimal to none
  • Anaesthetic Numbing cream if requested
  • Risks & Complications Possible bruising, swelling


£350 – £445

(If only BTX-A required then £145)


Avoid getting face hot for 24 hours eg steam, sauna, sunbeds, jacuzzis, alcohol, vigorous exercise.

Avoid make-up in treatment area for 12 hours.

Avoid firm pressure on treatment area for 12 hours.

You MAY apply a cold-pack to treatment area if concerned about swelling or bruising.

You MUST call our emergency contact number if you develop any persistent pain (esp if escalating) or unexpected colour change to the skin. Bruising is considered a normal potential complication.