General chiropody is a core skill of any podiatrist. However, appropriate care and attention to the nails and skin can significantly improve both the cosmetic appearance of the feet, as well as resolve foot pain associated with problems such as callus.

With fourteen years of post-graduate clinical experience, Nishal applies great skill and attention to detail to ensure that the best possible treatment outcomes are achieved.

Some of the common chiropody problems she manages include:

  • Involuted Toe Nail
  • Hard/Thickened Nails
  • Callus/Corns
  • Athlete’s feet (fungal infection)
  • Hammer Toe Deformity

Before and After Chiropody Treatment: (Before on the left, after on the right)

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  Always perfect. The diagnosis, the treatment and the wonderful support staff. I always come away feeling so much better. Mrs Patel is so wonderfully tolerant of two old “biddies” who descend on her every month. We do try to make the visit pleasant for her too, she is amazing and so very kind.

Treatment Summary

Please note times stated below are a guide only and vary between patients.

  • Procedure Time 30 mins
  • Full Recovery Nil
  • Duration of Results Routine Appts 4-6wks
  • Back To Work Time Immediate
  • Sensitivity Period N/A
  • Anaesthetic None required
  • Risks & Complications Very low risk procedure. No needles/No pain!


£45 – New patients 1st time

£40 – Existing patients