Foot Fillers

We are proud to introduce to Southsea, Dermal Filler Cushioning in the feet.

Our Podiatrist Nishal Patel has trained in this advanced treatment and is bringing it to Perfect Skin Solutions, Southsea.

Dermal Fillers in the feet will allow Nishal to erradicate corns, help with wearing high heels for longer, help with fatty padding on the soles of feet or to deal with hammer toes. Dermal fillers can work where conventional podiatric attempts have failed in alleviating foot pain and  negate the need to have padding stuck to the foot which can impede on hygiene and look unsightly.

Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time 60 minutes
  • Full Recovery Minimal, but can depend on the individual
  • Duration of Results 9 months - 2 years but can depend on the individual
  • Back To Work Time N/A
  • Sensitivity Period N/A
  • Anaesthetic Injectable
  • Risks & Complications Redness


Dermal Fillers to the foot – from £195 – price on consultation.

New Patient Consultation – £45