Harmony XL Pro Laser System



The Harmony XL Pro (from the makers of Soprano Ice) is arguably the most advanced multi-platform laser and light technology system in the world, designed to treat a multitude of skin concerns.

Your practitioner will design a treatment programme using one, or often more, of the different laser or light technologies on the system, to improve the appearance of your skin. Usually there is more than one issue to address but even if there is only one, eg pigmentation, we may need to use different lasers to give you the best result possible.

PLEASE SEE THE FAQ SECTION BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SOME OF THE DIFFERENT LASERS WE USE. Do note that ClearLift, ClearSkin, ClearChoice and iPixel are also part of the Harmony Pro XL but these treatments have their own website page under the treatments tab. All prices are listed below.





“I have been looking forward to my second treatment after seeing a great result from my first one. Down time was minimal and I can see an improvement already. Francesca also recommended me some skin care products. Thank you!” – Opal Fisher

Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time 15-30 mins
  • Full Recovery 0-7 days
  • Duration of Results Long-term (with maintenance)
  • Back To Work Time Immediate
  • Sensitivity Period 0-7 days
  • Anaesthetic Nil (except iPixel)
  • Risks & Complications Temporary redness & rarely burns/blisters, pigment change


Please note that the Harmony XL Pro is a SYSTEM consisting of various laser and light technologies.  Prices vary depending on the laser. Most treatments will come under the top price list (Harmony) but other specific laser prices are stated below this. The latter treatments have their own page under the TREATMENTS tab, too.

Harmony eg for pigmentation, facial redness/thread veins and acne (ClearSkin)

Face (Neck done for free if appropriate) or back or chest.

1 treatment – £125

3 treatments – £ 345 (saving £30)

6 treatments – £600 (saving £150)

Get 2nd area treated at same visit (eg Chest with Face) for £50 supplement/session

Partial Face 

1 Treatment – £75

3 Treatments – £195 (Save £30)

6 Treatments – £380 (Save £70)

ClearLift 4D

Face (Neck done for free if appropriate) or back or chest.

1 treatment – £195

3 treatments – £ 495 (saving £90)

6 treatments – £895 (saving £275)

Get 2nd area treated at same visit (eg Chest with Face) for £50 supplement/session



HALF FACE or less:

1 treatment (with Aesthetic Therapist) £300 or 1 treatment (with Dr Patel) £400

3 treatments (with Aesthetic Therapist) £810 or 3 treatments (with Dr Patel) £1100


1 treatment (with Aesthetic Therapist) £450 or 1 treatment (with Dr Patel) £650

3 treatments (with Aesthetic Therapist) £1150 or 3 treatments (with Dr Patel) £1750

OTHER AREAS – on consultation but based on above prices

ClearChoice (fungal nail treatment)

Single treatment – £395 (includes 6-month review)

Most cases will be cleared with 1-2 treatments.


As it is vital you use a clinically safe SPF following laser treatment, if advised by your practitioner a complimentary full-size SPF will be provided when a course of 6 treatments are purchased.



  • Avoid sun or other prolonged UV exposure for 14 days to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation or darker pigmentation. SPF and antioxidant protection must be worn post-treatment. You will be advised on suitable aftercare products.
  • Immediately after treatment your skin may be red with mild swelling. Applying a cool pack after treatment will help with any discomfort
  • Apply aloe vera gel to help soothe any sensitive skin
  • Makeup may be used immediately after the treatment (preferably iConceal) unless there is epidermal blistering
  • Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin
  • Avoid exercise, hot baths and any heat treatments for the first 24 hours
  • No exercise for 12 hours
  • No facial treatments for 7-14 days


How does laser actually work?

Lasers deliver a specified wavelength of light energy at the skin target. The chosen wavelength (ie colour) depends on the target colour. EG green light is absorbed well by red and therefore is chosen for vascular concerns eg red skin in rosacea. The specific action of the light energy on its target is beyond the scope of this website but feel free to ask Dr Patel….he will happily bore you with geek-speak!

What is AFT?

Harmony’s Dye-VL module is based on Alma’s proprietary Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), an advanced form of intense pulsed light technology (IPL).
Rather than delivering a pulse with multiple wavelengths, many of which are outside the therapeutic range, AFT converts unused UV light to the optimal spectrum for more effective treatment.
This energy is then channeled into a pulse with equal distribution fluence, whereby uniform energy with controlled peak power is delivered throughout the entire pulse.
This minimizes the risk of adverse effects that can occur when patients are exposed to non-therapeutic energy densities and uncontrolled peaks.

AFT offers more efficient energy usage per pulse, increased safety, extended applicator lifetime and enhanced clinical results. The combination of Alma’s exclusive Dye-VL and AFT technologies offers a safer and significantly more effective solution than other IPL-based treatment systems, with reliable, long-term results.

What laser treats thread veins or problems like rosacea?

Some people may have such tiny blood capillaries in the skin surface that all one can see is a background redness to the skin. The depth of redness may vary from hour to hour or day to day. Larger vessels may be present in others which are often referred to as “thread veins”. Harmony’s Dye-VL technology is an incredibly advanced option in managing this type of skin concern. Strictly speaking, this is NOT laser but pulsed light. However, it is superior to the better known IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) because it carries a narrower and more specific band of light wavelength, using filters and AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology). The colour band used is perfect for targetting the red colour in blood vessels, thus allowing effective destruction of unwanted surface capillaries.

What will you be using to treat my pigmentation?

Superficial pigmentation is treated with either ClearLift or Dye-VL. In darker skin, Dye-VL may not be appropriate, making ClearLift the safest option. Both of these treatments are useful for treating skin with other ageing signs too. Deeper pigmentation is best treated with Dye-SR. Usually we start with either ClearLift or Dye-VL and then use Dye-SR, if required, after 1-2 treatments.

See separate FAQs on Dye-VL and Dye-SR. There is also a page for ClearLift under the TREATMENTS tab.