This revolutionary device delivers 1230kHz fixed-frequency waves directly to fat under the skin, via acupuncture needles places into the target area. This results in lipolysis or fat destruction. Results are usually seen immediately but will maximize over 48 hours. This safe and quick treatment is ideal for small pockets of fat eg eye bags, jowls, chin, neck, backs of arms and knees.

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Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time N/A
  • Full Recovery N/A
  • Duration of Results N/A
  • Back To Work Time N/A
  • Sensitivity Period N/A
  • Anaesthetic N/A
  • Risks & Complications N/A


Lower face(inc Chin) – £300/session or £700/course of 3

Mid-face – £250/session or £600/course of 3

Combined mid & lower face – £500/session or £1200



How do I work out how many sessions I will need?

All suitable patients require at least 3 sessions 2-4 weeks apart. In very advanced ageing, you may need a 4th or even 5th treatment. For optimal long-lasting results, a further 2 treatments at month 4 and 6 would be ideal. Even if you do not have this, results can last far longer than most fillers.

How long do the results last for?

It is difficult to predict this in any given individual but we would hope for at least 3 years. At that point, you may just need 1 or 2 maintenance treatments.

Does it hurt?

The needles used are extremely fine, like an acupuncture needle, so most people barely even feel their insertion. The lifting part of the technique is slightly uncomfortable, but the treatment is quite quick and so overall, the experience is tolerable. O.F.F’s fat-melting action feels hot to the patient but we have not had anyone leave the treatment couch as a result!