Vibrance (Natural Thread Lift)

Also known as Needle-Shaping, this is a micro-surgical device (called Vibrance) that involves no cutting or injecting. Multiple acupuncture needles (very fine needles which are usually painless when applied to the skin) are used to transmit current to skin tissue. Collagen fibres can then be transplanted from one area to another by traction, using these fine needles. This also results in stimulation of new collagen. The resultant effect is a “lift”. See our FAQs below to find out more about this exciting non-surgical treatment.

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Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time 20-30mins
  • Full Recovery N/A
  • Duration of Results 3 years (after course)
  • Back To Work Time Immediate
  • Sensitivity Period 48 hours
  • Anaesthetic N/A
  • Risks & Complications Rarely bruising


Price – On Consultation


How does needle-shaping work?

Very fine acupuncture needles are placed into the skin. An electromedical device called Vibrance, is then used to pass a specialised current through these needles. This is painless. The needle is then turned using various techniques to gently pick up collagen fibres, which are stretched and also released to other areas. This latter part is referred to as an “autologous collagen transplantation”. Although this sounds quite invasive, to the patient, it seems a very simple and quick procedure with no need for anaesthetic. (Although do note that for work near the lips we do use numbing cream). This process rebuilds the collagen network in the target area and can also be used to create a lift as well as volume, by way of the specific technique and needle applied. As it uses your own fibres, the end result is a very natural looking one.

Will I see results immediately?

The end result takes 2 weeks to be seen in full but patients will often notice improvement immediately after treatment eg with a browlift. For optimal results 3 treatments are required but this does vary considerably from patient to patient.

It sounds painful. Is it?

This is a very tolerable procedure for most patients. The needles used are fine acupuncture needles and can barely be felt on application to the skin. The process of needle shaping itself, can be slightly uncomfortable but is well tolerated in general.

Is there any downtime?

Almost none. Your skin may be slightly pink for a few hours. Occasionally, a small bruise may appear. As collagen and elastin generation occurs over the coming days, you may “feel” slightly bruised in the area. There is no special before or aftercare with this procedure and you should be able to return to daily activities immediately.

What is the difference between needle-shaping and Vibrance?

We have used the terms interchangeably. This unit is often sold as two separate devices – needle-shaping for lifting and volumising and Vibrance, for body treatments such as lipolysis and lymphatic drainage. Needle-shaping can be used on the face and body (eg breast and buttock lifts).

What body concerns can be treated by Vibrance?

Cellulite and lipolysis for unwanted fat. It is also used to open up lymphatic drainage which in turn, will augment other fat reduction treatments. This can make a huge difference to the overall result as it is the lymphatic drainage system which removes the fat released from other treatments eg Lipofirm PLUS.

How many body treatments will I need?

This is very variable and obviously depends on our starting point and desired result. A consultation will give you a better idea. Usually a minimum of 3 treatments (2-4 weeks apart) will be required to help achieve a good result.