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Worried about looking unnatural? Chipmunk cheeks or trout pouts are never a good look and we pride ourselves in ensuring that if you want your treatment to remain a secret… it really will stay that way! In fact, our Medical Director, Dr. Dev Patel, says that no treatment should draw direct attention to that area or in a way that makes someone question if you have had treatment. It should simply trigger a positive response with comments like: “You look really well” or “Wow, you look amazing!”

Incredible advancements in filler technology and techniques, combined with the team’s 20 years of experience with fillers, allow us to address a wide array of concerns. This includes age lines, volume loss (often ignored!), smoker’s/kiss lines and thin lips. Our speciality is to design a personal plan to make small subtle changes at multiple areas to create a significant but natural looking result. The model of simply injecting some filler into one area the patient points out is outdated and does the person no justice. Beauty is about restoring and maintaining harmony in the face. This means a truly holistic assessment is required and the skill of facial assessment is a highly tuned one, based on knowledge of facial anatomy, genetic and age-related changes and the psychology of beauty. This is as important as the ability of your practitioner in performing the actual treatment. Read more about this and other useful information in our FAQs below.

Our doctors always have a clinical assistant to make your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Less than 1 in 100 injectors in the UK do this! There are many different fillers on the market but our doctors use only NON-permanent fillers and only the most reputable and trusted brands e.g. Belotero®, Radiesse®, Stylage® and RedensityII®. Treatments are generally quite comfortable and very well tolerated by patients.

The FAQs below include information on some unique uses of dermal fillers. If you have a particular area of concern, check out some of the links below:

OGEE Lift®
Temple/Forehead Fillers
Tear/Trough Fillers
Cheek/Nasolabial Fold Fillers
Lip Fillers
Jawline/Chin Fillers

Dr. Dev Patel’s OGEE Lift® is proof that nasolabial folds are best treated with a “LIFT” and NOT filler into the fold! This is an out-of-date technique which de-humanises the face and can even result in a slight “chimp-like” appearance.

Why choose us? Here at Perfect Skin Solutions we have professional and kind therapists and doctors
Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your Dermal Fillers?

As we mention throughout all our pages on fillers, this is an art as much as science. A deep understanding of facial beauty and the psychology of beauty, allows our Doctors to deliver perfect results taking your face to the peak of its aesthetic potential. Our doctors know when to say “no” and often find themselves showing a patient how bringing their facial features into better alignment to easily add beauty to their facial profile. Put your face in our hands to ensure you get the right treatment for you.

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At a glance At a glance

At a glance

Treatment time

20-60 mins


None required

Full recovery

0-3 days

Back to work time


Sensitivity period


Duration of result

6-24 months

Risks & complications

Mild swelling, possible bruising



Lip enhancement

0.6ml (Belotero Lips Shape/Contour)


Lip enhancement



Lip enhancement

0.6ml Belotero Lips Shape PLUS 0.6ml Belotero Lips Contour (We only use the highest quality HA fillers. The best sub-type for you can only be decided at consultation)


Nasolabial Lines

from £350

Crow’s Feet


Browlift / Brow Lines


Tear Trough

(1ml Redensity II)


Mid / lower face volume restoration Early

from £350


from £425


from £850

Marionette Lines / Downturned Mouth Corners

from £350

Chin / Jawline correction

from £350

Hyalase (Filler Dissolver)

(Includes consultation, treatment, and review appointment)

from £295

OGEE Lift – Mini


OGEE Lift – Full


Some guide prices are provided to give you an idea of our highly competitive pricing level. However, we often use combinations of different fillers to maximize on the specific benefits of each one. A thorough consultation will allow us to give you a specific price. All budgets can be catered for as you can usually stagger treatments over a number of months if required.


Post Treatment Expectations

  • You may experience slight localised swelling, redness or bruising in the treatment area which can last 24- 48 hours post treatment
  • It is normal to feel “firmness” in the treatment area for the first few days; over time the area will soften

Post Treatment Aftercare

  • Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive sun exposure for at least 48 hours post-treatment or until any swelling subsides
  • Avoid make-up for 24 hours to injected areas
  • Avoid firm rubbing of the treated area for 5 days
  • Avoid aspirin, St John’s Wort or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatories e.g. Ibuprofen, for a few days post-treatment. If you require such medication for medical reasons, please check with your doctor before stopping

Please note, the above aftercare is just a guide. Full aftercare advice will be given to you when you attend your appointment with us.

Face Treatment AftercareFace Treatment Aftercare
Before & After

Before & After

Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are excellent for superficial to deep lines and volume deficit (genetic) or loss (age or health related); the results are instant and truly impressive. One treatment can take many years off your face. You can also add subtle shape and volume to your lips using fillers. More advanced assessment and techniques can also allow for nose and chin correction and other adjustments to facial structure and features. There are many different fillers on the market but at Perfect Skin Solutions we use only NON-permanent fillers and only the most reputable and trusted brands e.g. Belotero®, Stylage® and Radiesse Plus®. Treatments are generally quite comfortable and very well tolerated by clients.

Yes! We only use reputable brands – such as the FDA-approved Belotero® range – which have been used on millions of people over many years. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers are based on a natural ingredient of human skin and although relatively long-lasting, are not permanent. It is permanent (and some semi-permanent) fillers derived from animals, that have been associated with some adverse reactions, including in a British TV celebrity many years ago. Too much filler or the wrong type in the wrong place, can also give an unwanted appearance but your clinician will fully discuss your desired look with you, so that an appropriate volume and type of filler is used to achieve the right outcome for you.

A liquid facelift involves using patented highly volumising fillers e.g. Belotero Volume®, Stylage XL/XXL® and Radiesse Plus®, to give the face an overall lift. Sometimes, this can be supplemented with muscle relaxing injections e.g. Bocoture® or Botox®. This aims to beautify the female face and restore a more youthful shape. The male face can also gain more definition and structure. If necessary, the angle of the jaw and chin can be masculinised.

A thorough face-to-face consultation is essential to allow a mutually agreed personalised treatment plan to be made. Only then can you make a sensible decision of how to proceed. We understand that budget is an important consideration for most clients and the treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly.

We do NOT use any permanent fillers at our clinic. The two main types used are hyaluronic acid fillers (Belotero® and Stylage®) and Radiesse Plus® (calcium hydroxyapetite). We use (Teoxane) Redensity II® or Belotero Balance® for the tear trough area as these are widely considered the best fillers to use in this area.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that helps to hydrate and add volume to our skin. Natural hyaluronic acid is broken down by the body in one or two days so is constantly replaced—as we age this replacement mechanism diminishes so the moisturising and plumping effects of hyaluronic acid decrease. Hyaluronic acid is used for aesthetic treatments but is also used by doctors for injection into arthritic joints to aid movement, as well as eye surgery.

Radiesse Plus® is injectable dermal filler that works by providing an immediate enchantment to augment facial shape by correcting the folds and wrinkles. Furthermore, over time Radiesse® begins to simulate the production of the body’s natural collagen and elastin for sustained effect. Radiesse Plus® is for advanced practitioner use only and all our doctors use this daily. Dr Patel is a huge fan of this product: “Radiesse Plus® is like my magic wand. The immediate lifting and restoration of projection is astounding. To then have improvements in skin health over the coming months is an amazing bonus! I love it. I would say it is the best value-for-money filler around. Some of my patients just pop in every 12-18 months and need a little top-up of Radiesse®.”

This depends on a number of factors including:

  • Age
  • The area you have had treated
  • Quantity of filler injected
  • Type of filler used
  • Quality of skin
  • Lifestyle
  • Healthiness

In general, HA fillers are expected to last around 12 months although we often see clients with ongoing visible benefits long after this period. The more advanced Belotero Volume® is expected to last 12-18 months. Radiesse Plus® also lasts around 18 months but its skin benefits last at least 3-5 years! Fillers in the lips generally last for less time as the richer blood supply to this area ensures the product is broken down quicker; around 6 months.

Yes, the aesthetic results are immediate. You’ll see the results as soon as your appointment is over—and no one else needs to know! However, please note that with volume replacement, the maximal effect takes up to 6 weeks to be achieved. With some of the more advanced fillers, collagen production will also be stimulated; thus, your new natural collagen will be around long after the filler has been broken down.

The smooth consistency of the fillers we use will allow your clinician to administer the product easily and smoothly. It also contains local anaesthetic to reduce injection pain for a more comfortable experience. Local anaesthetic cream may also be offered for you to use prior to treatment to numb the skin. We can also offer an injectable nerve block for complete anaesthesia, if required.

Not at all. We will do our best to give you a time best suited to you; evening appointments are also available. You can have an appointment in your lunch hour then get right back to your normal routine. Some redness and swelling can occur but this is often site dependant. The most likely area to have swelling is the lips.

Your aesthetic practitioner will explain the treatment options available and discuss with you the best one for you. Typically, one treatment session takes approximately 30-45 minutes; the effect will be visible immediately after the injection, but you will be given a clearer idea of what to expect during your consultation. Your comfort is everything to us and we employ a number of strategies to make the treatment very tolerable to our patients as evidence by their feedback.

Please inform your aesthetic practitioner before treatment if you are taking medication, even if it’s not a prescription medication. Taking anticoagulants and painkillers including aspirin and some vitamin supplements increase chances of unwanted bruising. Your aesthetic practitioner will advise you accordingly.

We advise you to avoid using Alcohol, aspirin, Ibuprofen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and a range of dietary supplements including; St. Johns Wort, fish oils, Gingko Biloba, Vitamins C and E- may all contribute to bruising and are best avoided 24 hours before treatment (unless they are taken for chronic medical conditions).

All make up will need to be removed prior to treatment, so please come ‘fresh faced’ if possible. Treatment cannot be administered if there is an active skin infection, including cold sores etc.

Ask your medical practitioner if you have any concerns.

Dermal Fillers

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