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Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are an important part of the way we communicate and present ourselves. Beautiful hands give us the confidence to express ourselves in any situation.

When we think about the signs of ageing most of us think about our faces. However, one of the earliest signs of ageing is our hands.
Did you know that 95% of women believe that wrinkled, lined or rough hands can make a person appear older?
Over time the plump layer of tissue on the back of your hands diminishes, allowing veins and tendons to become more visible.

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Before & After

Hand Rejuvenation


After your Radiesse dermal filler treatment you might experience slight redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness and/or a numb sensation in the area treated. You might wish to gently apply ice or a cold compress to the injection area after treatment to help reduce the swelling.

It is normal to feel “firmness” in the treated area for the first few days; over time this will soften.

You will be given a pre-treatment after care sheet following your treatment.

Avoid contact with detergent, washing agents and avoid applying hand creams.

Do not expose the treated area to intense heat (e.g. sun, sauna, ect.) or other hand treatments for one week after your treatment.

They can last up to 12 month, every individual’s results period will differ.

Radiesse filler will restore the volume loss, smooth out lines and wrinkles and add structure to the skin. It’s safe gel formula contains calcium microspheres which stimulate the production of the skin’s natural collagen.

The results can last up to 12 months, however individual results may vary.

Hand Rejuvenation

Dr Patel's Hand Rejuvenation

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