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Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth for all skin rejuvenation needs

Perfect Skin Solutions is delighted to now be offering clients treatments with the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth. The energy-assisted device is a versatile and modern addition to the aesthetic clinic, and has a variety of uses.
Just some of the treatments we offer with the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth include:

  • tattoo removal
  • hair removal
  • acne reduction
  • skin rejuvenation
  • treatment of rosacea
  • treatment of thread veins and spider veins
  • sun damage and hyperpigmentation reduction
  • treatment of age spots

Coming from the makers of Soprano Ice, you can be sure treatment with the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth will be safe and comfortable. The advanced technology has been rigorously tested for efficiency, and offers long term skin rejuvenation solutions for men and women.
One of the most advanced multi-platform devices available in the UK, the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth is capable of treating a range of skin rejuvenation concerns, and is designed to treat clients quickly with no downtime required to recover post-treatment.

An ideal platform to treat acne and skin concerns such as rosacea, as well as for hair removal and tattoo removal, it’s multifunctionality makes it a popular addition to the aesthetic clinic. Using laser and light technologies, the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth can give clients the best results possible by combining these technologies.
A tailored treatment plan is made for each patient we treat with the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth, and in some cases a combination of the different lasers and lights within the system may be given to provide you with the very best results. For example, when it comes to tattoo removal you may require different lasers to break up the colours.
A course of treatments is usually required when using the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth for skin rejuvenation, and the length of treatment sessions or courses will depend on the severity of the problem that requires treating. Tattoo removal and hair removal treatments can take a little longer, whereas thread veins can often be treated in minimal sessions.

Risks and complications with the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth are rare; aside from some initial redness which will disappear in the hours after treatment it’s a safe and reliable form of skin rejuvenation. No anaesthetic is required, and you can return to work or your home life immediately if you desire.

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If you would like to find out more about the numerous benefits of undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments with Perfect Skin Solutions, or you wish to know whether your skin concern can be treated using the Harmony XL Pro in Portsmouth, please book a consultation with Dr. Dev Patel.

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