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Choosing permanent hair removal Portsmouth

Five reasons to choose permanent hair removal Portsmouth

*Although laser hair removal is sometimes referred to as permanent hair removal Portsmouth, it is classed as permanent hair reduction and this should be considered the case throughout the blog*
At Perfect Skin Solutions we offer an array of non surgical skin rejuvenation treatments to our patients, one of the most popular being permanent hair removal Portsmouth. Providing a host of benefits, our therapists tailor every treatment plan specifically to the needs of the individual, meaning excellent results every time.
In this week’s blog, we’ve picked five of the most impressive reasons for choosing your permanent hair removal Portsmouth with Harmony XL Pro at Perfect Skin Solutions in Southsea. If you’d like to book a consultation to discuss your hair removal needs please email or call the clinic’s reception team on 02392 754777.

Permanent hair removal Portsmouth is suitable for all skin types

One of the reasons we offer our patients permanent hair removal Portsmouth with Harmony XL Pro is because this specific laser hair removal device can treat all skin types. Previously, many devices could not be used on tanned or dark skin, but the innovative technology within Harmony XL Pro means our therapists can treat ALL skin colours.

Permanent hair removal Portsmouth is safe

We only offer the most up to date and innovative treatments here at Perfect Skin Solutions, and the Harmony XL Pro hair removal device is above and beyond any other hair reduction and skin rejuvenation technology available. Treatments for both the face and body are safe and reliable, making it a popular choice for patients looking to rejuvenate their skin and remove unwanted hair.

Permanent hair removal Portsmouth is comfortable

Thanks to the unique cooling system within the Harmony XL Pro device we use to treat patients seeking permanent hair removal Portsmouth, it’s no longer a painful treatment to undergo. This device ensure maximum patient comfort and enables our therapists to perform effective hair removal treatments to the face or body without damaging the skin or leaving patients feeling uncomfortable.

Permanent hair removal Portsmouth is reliable

The permanent hair removal results we can achieve at Perfect Skin Solutions are not only impressive but also reliable. We can treat large areas of the body, such as the legs and back, or target specific smaller areas on the face. Being able to offer a tailored approach to permanent hair removal is what makes this so reliable as a treatment.

Permanent hair removal Portsmouth offers long term results

Shaving and waxing may be quick but they don’t yield long term results; hairs grow back quickly and often thicker. However, with permanent hair removal treatment our therapists can ensure a long term result, leaving you with smoother skin for the long term.

More information about permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal Portsmouth remains one of the most popular non surgical treatments we offer here at the best cosmetic clinic in Portsmouth, and we help patients from across the region including Petersfield, Fleetwood, Chichester, Havant, Portsmouth, Fareham, and Southampton.

You can call Perfect Skin Solutions on 02392 754777 to book a consultation with one of our hair removal therapists, or to find out more information about the treatment and device we use to perform permanent hair removal. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to our award-winning clinic.





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