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Cyst Removal

You will receive the very best in skin care from initial assessment to treatment and follow-up. Our responsive virtual consultation service allows fast-track preliminary assessment and diagnosis, so we have more time to focus on your well-being.

Cysts are a common type of skin lesion. They are round lumps under the skin that are usually filled with fluid, which makes them hard to touch. Cysts will not usually go away by themselves, but they are also not dangerous but can be uncomfortable. They can become inconvenient if they catch on clothes or you may accidentally cut them whilst shaving.

Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your Cyst Removal?

Our expert Doctors have performed over 2000 procedures whether it be for private, NHS, or the military – you know that you are in safe hands when you visit our clinic. As a gold standard in addition to cosmetic removal, the clinic also offers private Histology lab testing. Our primary principle is to do the least invasive treatment to get the job done, thereby ensuring the best possible cosmetic outcome. We are also registered with the Care Quality Commission to carry out such procedures. 

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from £495

Histology price per skin sample (if required)

For single specimen examination in laboratory



This is dependent on the site of surgery and the technique used. You will usually be advised to apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) from a new pot to the wound to aid healing. It is best to avoid getting the wound site wet for 24-48 hours but specific advice will be given to you at the time of the procedure.

What happens after my treatment?

One should try to avoid immediate exercise or stretching of the skin after the procedure. It is unusual to have complications after minor skin procedures, although a little discomfort, redness, and weeping is to be expected. The local anaesthetic will wear off after 1-2 hours.


You will have a scar that will improve over 6 months, but full scar maturity takes 12-18 months. Scars initially remain red or pink but tend to fade over the ensuing months. Younger people tend to produce a scar that may stretch after a few months. Very rarely a scar may grow beyond its original boundaries in which case you will need to be seen again. It is imperative to try and keep out of the sun as any site of inflammation can become pigmented, especially in darker-skinned individuals.

Please note, the above aftercare is just a guide. Full aftercare advice will be given to you when you attend your appointment with us.

Face Treatment AftercareFace Treatment Aftercare

Cyst Removal


Cysts can appear all over the body and external cysts can be removed by our doctors. Our cyst removal treatments are in Portsmouth.