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Thickened Toenail

Toenails need professional attention when they become thickened, infected by fungus, ingrown or are simply unreachable by the patient’s hands.

The ageing process does play a toll on our toenails too. Over time they do become thicker and may have even changed colour. However, excessively thickened nails are most likely a result of some form of trauma. This could be in the form of sudden or repetitive trauma or a result of poor mechanics of the foot causing the nail to involuted and lift. During your assessment, the podiatrist should be able to assess your feet and highlight the cause and suggest how best to help your nails.

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Why have your Thickened Toenail treated at Perfect Skin Solutions?

It is disappointing for us to often encounter new patients who have recently had chiropody treatment, yet whose nails do not reflect comprehensive treatment. Our thorough approach aims to leave your nails and feet in the best condition possible. Furthermore, if pain is present, we strive to resolve this with treatment, although more than one session may be required to achieve this.

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Thickened Toenail


The initial aesthetic appearance of the toenail can be improved within the first visit in most cases. However, for those more complicated cases, a treatment plan will be discussed with the podiatrist during the initial consultation.

Appropriate footwear and keeping on top of foot hygiene to prevent fungal infestation within the nail plate.

In most cases where the nail matrix has been damaged a thickened toe nail will not be able to return to its thinner self. The podiatrist will be able to cut and thin it down with an electric burr to reduce any discomfort and improve its aesthetic appearance. This will need to be done repetitively as the nail will continue to grow back thicker. For those that have a secondary reason e.g. fungal infection or involution of the nail then this can be managed and improved.