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The FaceTite ‘No Knife Face Lift’ is a combination of treatments. FaceTite, NeckTite, Lipomodelling and Morpheus8 are combined into a tailored package and can result in an extremely effective, minimally invasive, mini Facelift without scalpels, scars or surgery.

The FaceTite procedure adopted by some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons as an alternative to a traditional surgical facelift. Requiring local anaesthetic only with minimal downtime, FaceTite utilizes minimally invasive radio-frequency energy to melt fat and tighten skin. It is fast becoming the treatment of choice when surgery is not desired and/or when usual aesthetic treatments are not quite enough. This procedure provides a powerful lift and treats lower face and neck laxity, whilst shrinking unwanted fat, resulting in a sculpted appearance and overall rejuvenation.

Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your FaceTite?

Dr Dev Patel performs all FaceTite, NeckTite and AccuTite procedures and he was one of the early adopters of this technology in the UK and is a Key Opinion Leader and Speaker for Inmode UK, the company behind this leading technology. His expertise in radiofrequency technology and practical experience with this platform ensures you are in the safest hands. Please note that FaceTite/NeckTite are the same procedure but a play on different buzz names. AccuTite is a smaller handpiece for more delicate or small target areas, like under the eyes.

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At a glance At a glance

At a glance

Treatment time

120 – 180 mins


Local anaesthesia

Full recovery

4 weeks

Back to work time

4-7 days

Sensitivity period

2-8 weeks

Duration of result

12+ months

Risks & complications

Swelling and bruising. Very rarely nerve damage



AccuTite (plus Morpheus8) Eye area only


FaceTite/NeckTite with Dr Patel

from £3500

Embrace RF (FaceTite/NeckTite with Morpheus8)

from £3850

Additional 2nd Morpheus8 with Therapist/Nurse


Lower face and neck will be treated with both FaceTite/ NeckTite and Morpheus8 at the same price if appropriate
*2nd Morpheus8 will be 6-12 weeks post first procedure

10% deposit required at booking. Full payment is required 7 days in advance of treatment. Read our terms & conditions

Visia Facial Scan – £25

LifeViz Facial Scan – £50

LifeViz Body Scan – £50

Spread your payments with our finance options!


Post Treatment Expectations

  • Your face will be swollen, and you may notice this swelling spreading down your neck beneath the face bandage
  • It is normal to feel very numb for a period of a few hours on the first day. This can continue over the first week
  • Bruising will become more obvious once the anaesthetic wears off
  • Areas of your face and neck will feel tender to the touch and you may experience a dull ache or heaviness when you remove the head support bandage

The First Week

  • Swelling will reduce but will still be evident by the end of the first week
  • The “dense” numbness from the first day will resolve but residual numbness will remain and may not recover for a few weeks
  • The process of skin contraction will continue over 6-18 months
  • You will notice several small (1cm or so) firm lumps on your face and neck. These are caused by the heating treatment and is an indication of future tissue contraction. Think of them as “spot welding”. The more you have, the better the result. They will all disappear in time over the ensuing 3-6 weeks
  • Your face and neck will still feel quite tender

Post Treatment Aftercare

  • Keep the steri-strip dressings on for the first and second days. There are no stitches as the wounds are very small. If the dressings fall off in the shower, assess the area and if the skin is still weeping or bleeding then replace the steri-strip. The area must stay clean
  • Wear your head support bandage for the first 72 hours including whilst you are sleeping. You can take it off to eat and whilst showering/cleansing your face
  • The head support bandage must be worn for 3-6 weeks after your procedure whilst in the house for a minimum of 9 hours a day, this can include sleeping time. Experience has shown that the longer you wear it, the better the results
  • Most patients do not require painkillers after the procedure. If needed take paracetamol (NOT ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) three times daily with/after food for the first 72 hours. (Caution if any history of stomach or kidney problems)

Please note, the above aftercare is just a guide. Full aftercare advice will be given to you when you attend your appointment with us.

Face Treatment AftercareFace Treatment Aftercare
Before & After

Before & After



FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anaesthesia or light sedation. Post procedure, patients can go home and resume regular activities shortly after. Wearing a compression garment is required for best results.

By avoiding a facelift procedure with large incisions, patients will benefit from reduced post-procedural swelling and discomfort. This is a less traumatic process with a natural-looking result. However, you should expect no more than 50% of the result you would get from a surgical lift (with liposuction).

Any areas on the face and neck with saggy skin can be treated. This includes the eyes, double chin, jowls and other areas with deep lines and loose skin.

The skin contracts about 40% of the total amount it will contract during the actual treatment. The other 60% contraction will happen over the following year.
Usually, results will be seen at about 4-6 months, however, contraction will continue up to a year after treatment. Some patients have noticed continued contraction and lifting up to 18 months later.

As with all treatments that involve making small incisions into the skin there are risks. They can be broadly categorised into short-term and long-term. In the short term, there can be bleeding and, consequently, bruising. Infection is also a possibility, so this is the reason the treatment is carried out with a strictly aseptic technique in a clean, clinical environment.
All risks will be explained during your initial consultation with Dr Patel.

Expect to feel swollen for at least a week. This is partly the local anaesthetic solution and partly the treatment itself. The lower face and neck will feel tender for the first week and can continue for a few months following treatment. It is very, very common to feel numb in the areas treated, especially the jowls where more aggressive treatment is desired. The numbness can take up to 6 months to resolve. There will also be small dense lumps just under the skin, especially in the neck. They are signs of subcutaneous tissue heating and will keep contracting as they smooth out over the next 3 months. The face support garment must be worn all day and night for the first 3 days. You can remove it during showering and eating. It must then be worn every night for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Avoid alcohol and all supplements (including natural herbal tablets) for 72 hours prior to your procedure. Do not stop any prescribed medication but please bring a full list with you to your consultation. Ensure you have a good night’s sleep the night before and have breakfast/lunch before making your way to the clinic. We advise that you do NOT drive home after your procedure and strongly recommend you have someone escort you home. MEN ONLY: You must clean shave the night before your procedure.

After your FaceTite, we recommend you stay home that evening to relax. You may feel very tired, which is totally normal.
Most patients do not require painkillers. If needed take paracetamol (NOT ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) as per leaflet instructions.
Leave the head support garment on that evening through till the next morning. (Take off when eating/showering). You may cleanse your face and neck the next morning with a gentle cleanser. This will be tender to touch and there may be obvious marks where we have treated you with Morpheus8 and this will look like small scabs 1-3 days later. An aftercare sheet for the two parts of your procedure will be sent to you separately by email to refer to.


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Perfect Skin Solutions