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Acne Vulgaris AKA blackheads, is a type of spot that is characterized by its colour. A blackhead may form when oil, sebum or dirt (sometimes all 3) get trapped in a pore or hair follicle.

Exposure to the air causes the trapped oil, sebum, and dirt to oxidate and in turn, go black in colour. Some of the main factors of blackheads are: 

  •  Overproduction of oil 
  • Irritation of the hair follicle  
  • Build-up of bacteria on the skin

Blackheads can be minimised by washing your face regularly, exfoliating at least once a week and using oil-free products where possible. Gentle exfoliants such as AHA and BHA are good tools to help eliminate blackheads. Retinols are also a great option for renewing skin cells and helping stop blackheads in their tracks.

Perfect Skin Solutions

Why have your Blackheads treated at Perfect Skin Solutions?

We have an array of different treatments to help with blackheads. There is something for everyone here at Perfect Skin Solutions. We are a doctor lead clinic, which means we have masses of knowledge, we are always learning and we are always looking to improve.

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The simple answer is no, they cannot be permanently removed. There is a high chance that pores will get clogged again. There are a few ways to keep them at bay but not permanently. 

Anyone can be susceptible to blackheads, adolescents and young adults tend to get them a lot but age is no limiting factor for these little pesty spots. 

The short answer is no, you should never extract them at home. 

These are safe to use in the hands of a professional. If used wrong they could create a scar or inflammation.  

Pores do not open and close, this is a misconception. Pores have one size and dirt can get trapped in them making them stretch and appear bigger.