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Milia are small white to yellowish hard, raised cysts that form under the skin. A milia is formed when there is a build-up of keratin that gets trapped under the skin. Milia is usually 1 to 2 millimetres in diameter that can appear anywhere but is most commonly found on the face. Milia is harmless but can be bothersome.

The formation of milia happens when there is a build-up of keratin that gets trapped under the skin. This can be due to the skin not being exfoliated, or shedding dead skin cells. Milia is not a form of acne, as milia is not formed within a pore, but under the top layers of the skin. 

Milia is very common and can appear at any age, even in babies. With most cases of milia, it has no cause although some people can be more prone to them. 

Milia can also form after skin injuries like: 

  • Burns 
  • Sunburns 
  • Blistering rashes 
Perfect Skin Solutions

Why have your Milia treated at Perfect Skin Solutions?

We have several different treatment options for the removal of milia.

  • Electrolysis technique  
  • Plexr  

 To help prevent milia, regular treatments such as; HydraFacial, chemical and carbon peels are a great option. 

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You need to have a consultation with one of our Doctors or Therapists to have a better idea of this. Information on this page and via the treatment links above will give you a better understanding of the technology and what each treatment entails. We do encourage you to read all relevant FAQs. However, only after consultation, can a tailored treatment plan be devised. You can then go home and have some thinking time, before committing to any procedure. 

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) are an effective, non-invasive treatment for the removal of unsightly or bothersome skin blemishes without the need for any injections, incisions, downtime or surgery. ACPs are well established, originating in the early 1900’s when diathermy was often used to treat broken capillaries, warts, spider naevi, port-wine marks and even xanthoma (yellow pigmented spots on the eyelids). Diathermy treatment techniques are clinically proven to reduce or remove many of the common, benign skin blemishes that are of concern to your patients. Today we can effectively treat over 20 different skin blemishes using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.