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Verruca are generally small, skin-coloured growths which appear like a cauliflower with small black dots. It can be singular, or one of many in a small area.

Verrucae are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus or (HPV). The virus embeds itself between the striations of the skin and feeds off the body’s blood supply. Verrucae can occur anywhere on the skin but primarily occur on weight bearing areas. 

A verruca can be either singular or may have little satellite verrucae around a larger one(mother). It is quite difficult to eradicate this virus as it usually lives undetected by the body’s natural immune system. If you have failed to rid this stubborn but very common condition, you may wish to supplement your treatment with paring down of the verruca or opt for a more definitive management option.

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Why have your Verrucae treated at Perfect Skin Solutions?

Our Podiatrist, Nishal Patel, has over 20 years clinical experience. Patients commonly leave reviews saying how gentle and skilled her hands are; leaving them not only feeling they have never had a better result elsewhere but also that it was their most comfortable treatment ever. She takes into consideration that one treatment model may not be suitable for everyone; tailoring a treatment plan that is right for you. Whatever your needs, Perfect Skin Solutions will take the best care of you.

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As the dressing and padding may be thick, it is best to bring flip-flops along.

The procedure involves local anaesthetic to the area around the main verruca. Once this is anaesthetised, a needle is used to pierce through the verruca several times. The area is then dressed and a deflective pad is applied to aid walking.