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Patient Journey

Our motto is “strive to be better every day”
and we apply this to our process of evaluating and enhancing
every aspect of the patient journey on a continual basis.

We believe in forging a long-term relationship with our patients and can only do this by really listening to you and ensuring you are happy along the way.

Along with giving you our expert advice, we aim to educate you with relevant current knowledge in the field, so that you feel comfortable with the treatment decisions you make.

We believe in clinical excellence and deliver an exceptional standard of care from our luxurious CQC-accredited clinic, offering some of the most advanced face, body and feet treatments available across our 11 treatment rooms.

To start your personal journey with us…

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Initial Enquiry

We all have busy lives and thus we welcome enquiries at any hour of the day or night via whichever platform is most convenient for you, be it social media messaging, our website enquiry box or an email.

One of our friendly team will aim to respond to you within 24 working hours. It is often easier to resolve your enquiry and get you booked in if appropriate, with a phone call, especially if you have questions that will influence your decision to book an initial appointment.

Our reception team is highly trained and enjoys chatting to customers but certain questions can only be answered by clinical practitioners during your consultation to ensure you are provided with relevant, accurate and personalised advice to your needs.

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Booking an appointment

All appointments need to be booked via phone call or in person.

Although we do occasionally do this via direct messaging or email, a phone call proves to be a more efficient way of ensuring you have the date and time you want. We will take some personal information from you at this stage, in order to register you on our clinical software system, just as you would at your GP or dental surgery.

Email Confirmation

Once you are booked in, you should receive an email confirmation immediately. If you do not, please call us and let us know so we can resolve the issue. We use email to communicate important appointment and clinical information to you so it is vital that we have the correct details.

Text Reminder

You should also receive a text reminder of your appointment, 48 hours prior. If you do not, please do not assume your appointment has been cancelled and give us a call. We would never knowingly do this without contacting you.

Perfect Skin Academy Perfect Skin Academy
Welcome to Perfect Skin Solutions Welcome to Perfect Skin Solutions


We hope that by the time you arrive you already know at least one of our team. You will be received with a warm welcome and may need to fill in a brief form confirming personal details.

Perfect Skin Solutions

Proof of Identity

As a CQC-registered clinic, we do need to have seen some photo ID confirming name and DOB and proof of address. A driver’s licence is ideal as it should have all of these details. All new patients or those who registered prior to CQC registration will be asked to provide this.

Waiting Room

After checking in with our front-of-house team, you will be shown to our tranquil waiting area. You can relax with a glass of still water whilst reading some of the interesting material we have laid out or perhaps watch some of our in-house footage on the TV screen.

Pre-Appointment Form

Your practitioner may have asked reception to give you a form to complete prior to your appointment. This will certainly be the case for all new aesthetic and podiatry patients so we thank you for attending at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time so you do not feel rushed in completing the form. This will enhance the quality of the consultation with your practitioner.

Perfect Skin Solutions

Your Consultation

Key steps you can expect

Listening to your concerns, wishes and understanding your expectations

Global assessment including obtaining your story, full medical history, relevant examination

Photos of treatment area (face needs to be free of make-up)

Discussion of treatment options and plan including prices

Consent form will be covered at least once, prior to treatment

With Dr Dev Patel at the helm, we can truly be proud of the exceptional standard of consultations we provide at Perfect Skin Solutions.

Dr Patel has even been invited to teach other doctors on the consultation process, by one of the world’s leading and certainly most ethically-minded aesthetic companies, Merz Pharma. He also taught Royal Navy medics on the subject, during his military career.

Whichever practitioner you have the pleasure of meeting, you can be assured of a thorough assessment and unbiased, expert advice.

Above all, you will be listened to and should feel zero pressure in committing to any treatment. If you need more thinking time you should have it, we occasionally have patients returning after many months, so your treatment is ready for you when you are ready for it. We hold regular clinical meetings as part of our clinical governance process and can review treatment plans for certain patients if needed.

Important preparation
Remove any make-up before consultation

Important preparation

If you are attending for a facial aesthetic consultation, it would be preferable if you did not wear make-up, although we understand this may not always be possible or acceptable to patients. We are happy to remove make-up for you but this process does drive more blood to the skin surface and can influence the appearance of the skin and thus the assessment. Mascara can usually be left in place.

Your practitioner may email you some further information during or following your consultation. This may include important pre-treatment information so we urge you to read this thoroughly, prior to your treatment. If you have any questions you can phone or email us with these as we want to be sure you are satisfied with proceeding, when you next visit.

Perfect Skin Solutions

Your Treatment


We understand that many patients (particularly if you are new to the treatment in question) will be nervous. The ‘unknown’ can do that. We have multiple steps in our process to alleviate any undue stress and calm your mind prior to and during your treatment. Our doctors always have an aesthetic therapist assisting them during treatments and one of their key aims is to help keep you more comfortable. See the FAQ below on some of the tools they have at their disposal!

The Aftercare

After your treatment, photos may be taken and you will have any relevant aftercare information discussed with you. Many treatments have specific aftercare advice and this will also be emailed to you automatically, once you check out at the front desk. If you do not receive this, please alert our team immediately.

Review Appointments

A review appointment may be necessary for some treatments. If this is not the case, but you have any subsequent concerns regarding the outcome, you must not hesitate to contact us so that we can give you advice and reassurance. Depending on the situation, our team may advise a face-to-face review appointment with a practitioner.

We often have new patients attending with complications from treatments delivered elsewhere and a frequent complaint is about the level or in fact total lack of aftercare they received. We stress just as much importance on this and are always here for you if you need us.

Never Say Goodbye

From the point of your first enquiry, we aim to forge a long-term relationship with you.

We mentioned above our promise to continue to look after you if, on the rare occasion, you have any concerns following your treatment. Either way, it is important that you know we are here for you to continue your journey with us, be it for a medical condition or general skin health and anti-ageing. Many patients are keen to have annual reviews and 12-month treatment plans put in place and we happily offer this to anyone who wishes it.


In 2015 we did introduce a booking deposit or ‘no-show deposit’. The reason was simple: to reduce the number of ‘no-shows’. Literally overnight, our non-attendance rate went down by 500%. However, we certainly do not wish to take your money. It simply sits in your clinic account and is yours to spend against any subsequent treatment or product purchase. Please note that the booking deposit amount may vary and for some appointments, a consultation fee will apply and be payable in full or in part, at time of booking. Some consultation fees are not redeemable on future treatment.

We have considered introducing this on a number of occasions. However, there are many factors that must be taken into account when booking a patient in for a specific issue or treatment. A software system would not be able to adapt to these factors which sometimes change in real time. Furthermore, our reception team performs diary management on a continual basis through the working day, to try and fit patients in for high-demand practitioners. They have a knack of juggling things around to avoid disappointing any patient of ours and an IT system simply could not do what they can do!

This is a common question asked of our receptionists. Our practice is underpinned by ethical pillars and one of these is DO NO HARM. A less melodramatic way of saying this is “doing the right thing by you”. As a business, it would be a lot more efficient for us to treat every patient when they come for their consultation. However, this would not serve you well at all. For some procedures, ‘thinking’ time is desirable or even essential. In some cases, we may aim to treat you at the same visit, but if you have more questions or the assessment takes longer than usual, your practitioner may advise that treatment should take place at the next visit. It is important that neither your consultation nor your treatment is rushed, to ensure a smooth, stress-free journey and excellent clinical outcomes.

As part of our clinical governance process, we aim to have a face photo of every patient which sits under your name on your clinical record. This helps to ensure that we have the correct patient in front of us when entering further information. It is also an insurance requirement, that we take before and after photos, for certain procedures e.g. dermal fillers.

Please do not worry about this. We really DO care about you and want you to enjoy your treatment. On a daily basis, we hear patients say “Is that it?” or “Why was I so worried about this?” after the treatment is completed. Anxiety is particularly centred around injectable treatments or Plexr. Having a clinical assistant significantly and positively enhances the patient experience. During dermal filler treatment, a vibrator device is applied near the injection site. This recruits nerves that can carry pain messages to the brain and makes them carry vibration messages instead, thereby reducing pain perception by the brain. Most patients report that this helps significantly. An ice roller is also used to reduce bruising risk and help numb the surface. Numbing cream will be used only when appropriate. The brand we use works within just a few minutes so you do not need to attend the clinic with cream on. Some procedures require more numbing time and you may need to attend much earlier if advised to do so, for this purpose e.g. Plexr or Morpheus8.



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