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Emerald Laser

The Emerald laser platform is the only fat-loss device in the world to have FDA clearance to treat patients with a BMI up to 40mg/cm2 (morbid obesity). Furthermore, when compared to any other body contouring device, its effectiveness in fat loss and reducing body circumference is unmatched. These claims are based on the highest quality of evidence (i.e. Grade 1 or Gold standard). One study showed an average of 6 inches of circumferential loss (8 treatments, twice a week over 4 weeks). Other studies have demonstrated similar findings.

The Emerald laser is a game-changer. Neither is it just a fat-reducing or body contouring laser. Emerald laser is a well-being device, delivering benefits to mental and physical health, well beyond the immediate area of treatment. Here, are just a few facts about this incredible laser system:

  • Cold (non-thermal) low-level laser – meaning NO heat like the lasers most people are familiar with
  • Deep penetration – case studies have shown that even visceral (organ) fat can be reduced! Further research is underway, but this presents an exciting expansion on the medical benefits of Emerald
  • Proven, with gold-standard, multi-centre double-blind randomised controlled trial evidence to back technology up
  • Multiple FDA clearances backing up safety and efficacy
  • No downtime
  • No pain
  • No bruising
  • No freezing
  • No side-effects
  • No risks or complications

Potential Benefits:

  • Fat loss with circumferential reduction – an average of 6 inches from abdominal circumference from a course of 8 treatments (based on a grade 1 quality study) this depends on the individual body fat ratio
  • Faster metabolism
  • More energy
  • Improved functioning of fat cells
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Reducing the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes

Emerald laser
Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your Emerald Laser?

Perfect Skin Solutions has been chosen as a Clinic of Excellence partner by Erchonia lasers. Our Founder, Dr Dev Patel, is a Key Opinion Leader for Emerald and EVRL and so you can be assured that you will be receiving the very best advice and customised treatment plan for your needs. At Perfect Skin Solutions, we also have other industry-leading technology such as the Evolve X. We can thus formulate integrated treatment protocols to ensure you achieve the best results possible.

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Treatment time

30 minutes



Full recovery


Back to work time


Sensitivity period


Duration of result

Lifestyle dependent

Risks & complications



Typically we recommend a course of 8 sessions. However, if you have a BMI above 30, we may advise a longer course of treatment to achieve adequate fat reduction.

One treatment


Six treatments

A course of six treatments


Saves £450

Eight treatments

A course of eight treatments


Saves £850

Ten treatments

A course of ten treatments


Saves £1100

Twelve treatments

A course of twelve treatments


Saves £1400

Maintenance One Session

For patients who have previously had a course of Emerald


Saves £50

Maintenance Three Sessions

For patients who have previously had a course of Emerald


Saves £50

Note: The direction of the beams may allow larger or even multiple body areas to be treated in the same session. This means greater value for our patients.

Visia Facial Scan – £25

LifeViz Facial Scan – £50

LifeViz Body Scan – £50


Spread your payments with our finance options!



– Drink plenty of water daily; a minimum of 2 litres every 24 hours. This will support your lymphatic system in eradicating fat.

– Try to avoid alcohol during your treatment phase and ideally for at least 4 weeks after.

– Keep caffeine intake to a minimum. Caffeine affects the kidneys’ ability to process the released fat.

– Keep fizzy drink intake to a minimum.

– Stay active ideally with daily exercise. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you must walk at least 30 minutes daily – this will support your lymphatic system in clearing the fat.

– Adhere to eating healthily

– Exercise as outlined in the Patient Treatment Guide (small lifestyle changes, like walking where possible)

– Lymphatic Stimulation (massage, lymphatic suit, vibration plate, etc)

– Failure to follow the outlined Patient Protocol may result in failure to achieve the anticipated results.

Before & After

Before & After

Emerald Laser


Emerald emits a green laser with 532nm wavelength. This is not like a typical laser but a non-thermal, low-level laser. It creates a transitory (not permanent) pore in fat cells, causing the fat to leak out without destroying the fat cell. This fat is then eradicated by the lymphatic drainage system. To learn more about what happens to this fat, see later FAQs.

It has long been promoted – especially by companies behind alternative fat-reducing technologies – that destroying fat cells is an advantage. However, there is evidence to support that if fat cells are destroyed, they can reproduce up to 300 billion times in number! More importantly, fat cells (adipocytes) are actually part of the endocrine system and fat should be considered as an organ. Fat cells form a crucial part of this system by regulating nutrients and releasing hormones that influence things like our blood pressure, thyroid function and even reproduction. Adipocytes with too much fat content are not a good thing. However, after Emerald laser treatment, these cells are returned to lean healthy adipocytes, which then result in the correct signals to the brain. What is more amazing is that this also triggers a communication cascade throughout the fat organ, causing other fat cells to react in a similar fashion; releasing their fat content and returning to a healthy state and normalised hormone response.

Although its FDA clearance is in relation to fat reduction treatment, case studies have shown that the Emerald at 532nm, can reduce pain and inflammation. Many patients who have had Emerald treatment for fat reduction, report improvement in symptoms eg sciatica, period-related symptoms etc. Further research is underway, however, note that we have the EVRL technology also from Erchonia (makers of Emerald) and this does have multiple FDA-clearances for use in the management of pain.

Emerald also leads to an increase in ATP which is like fuel for your cells. Many patients therefore feel energised and have a greater sense of well-being in the weeks to come. A more efficiently functioning fat organ will also provide a cascade of benefits throughout the body. Evidence from studies supports these statements including benefits in cells in non-treatment areas.

Its key target is an enzyme called Cytochrome c Oxidase, which is an important protein complex found in the mitochondria of cells. When the laser light enters cells, there is a transfer of electromagnetic energy. This activates the Cytochrome C resulting in increased cellular activity, including activation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Free Nitric Oxide (NO).

ATP fuels cellular processes, boosting immune response and accelerating wound healing.

ROS modulation activates the production of specific proteins that affect repair and healing at a cellular level.

NO dilates blood vessels and thus improves circulation. This in turn increases oxygen delivery and decreases inflammation. Immune cell function is also enhanced.

Your first visit will include a consultation with one of our clinical team who will find out more about your needs and conduct a full assessment including going over your pre-completed medical history. They will also cover all the key aspects of Emerald. Photos and measurements will be taken. A food diary may also be provided to you for future completion. This is to help support you in following a healthy lifestyle but does not replace advice from a qualified expert like a nutritionist.

If a course of Emerald is decided upon, you will be booked for up to 2 sessions per week. They must be at least 48 hours apart. At each session, you should wear appropriate clothing so that you can bare the treatment area to the laser device, without impedance of clothing. Goggles may be provided to you to protect your eyes (if applicable). As the laser is painless, you can sit back and relax during the 30-minute session. (Time may vary depending on indication). You may then be asked to wear a special suit which provides support to your lymphatic system to aid fat removal. This can last for up to 30 minutes. There is no downtime from either treatment.

You can have Emerald up to two times a week, but they need to be 48 hours apart.

Emerald Laser