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Ballancer lymphatic drainage suit treatment

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Lymphatic Drainage Suit

The Ballancer®Pro Lymphatic Drainage suit is backed by decades of medical research and clinical studies. Made by the world’s leading manufacturer of medical-grade compression therapy systems, it is FDA-cleared and provides superior lymphatic drainage.

This bodysuit treatment drains the lymph nodes that are generally filled with fluid first and facilitates the circulation of the lymph. It helps in promoting the body’s natural toxin-clearing functions, enhancing blood circulation, relieving muscle pain caused by fatigue and revitalising and oxygenating the tissues.

It is equipped with therapy cycles to massage lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes over your body. The system creates a continuous wave of pressure, moving upwards from your feet. It simulates the kneading and stroking action of manual massage by applying a directional compressed release massage, feeling like there are ‘several hands massaging you at the same time’. The massage cycles can be changed by your therapist and the level of pressure is fully adjustable for your comfort.

It is completely non-invasive and is recognised as one of the most advanced and natural ways to treat cellulite, improve blood and lymphatic flow, and release toxins for fat reduction and overall body health.

Wave cycle: 

A long, deep and slow sequential massage, especially suitable for quick recovery after exercise or when experiencing “heavy legs” or pain. 

Ballancer® cycle:
This short sequence, superficial and fast peristaltic massage is ideal for lighter massage settings. 

Pre-Therapy® cycle:
Patented sequence for the appropriate stimulation of the lymph nodes in the proximal areas, groin or armpits. 

Intense cycle:
This new favourite setting allows fast-tracked results and the strongest massage while still delivering optimal lymphatic flow. Advanced features like gradient and individual chamber control make this newest setting on our Ballancer®Gold a revolutionary program. 


  • Lymphedema 
  • Edema and Fluid Retention 
  • Cellulite 
  • Swelling and Inflammation 
  • Post-surgical Swelling and Recovery 
  • Fatigue and Stress 
  • Poor Circulation 
  • Detoxification and Toxin Removal 
  • Sports-related Muscle Soreness and Recovery 
  • Aiding Aesthetic Treatments for Body Contouring and Skin Tightening 


  • Lymphatic System Stimulation 
  • Lymphedema Management 
  • Detoxification 
  • Edema Reduction 
  • Cellulite Reduction 
  • Circulation Improvement 
  • Pre and Post-Surgery Support 
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief 
  • Athletic Performance and Recovery 
  • Lymphatic Drainage for Aesthetic Treatments 

Available as single or package treatments, it is also an amazing addition to any body contouring treatment, hugely enhancing the results and benefits and can be offered as an ‘add-on’ to any package.

Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your Lymphatic Drainage Suit?

Transform your body and improve your health with our wide range of treatments at Perfect Skin Solutions. Join thousands of satisfied patients on a journey to becoming healthier, fitter, and happier. The Ballancer PRO suit not only enhances your well-being, but it also complements fat reduction treatments. For even better results, consider adding a lymphatic drainage session after each body sculpting treatment.

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At a glance

Treatment time

Approx. 30 mins



Full recovery

Immediate/ 1 hour or so depending on the person

Back to work time


Sensitivity period

0-1 Days

Duration of result

Long term

Risks & complications

Some health conditions may prevent treatment


Single Session


8 Sessions


Saves £200

10 Sessions


Saves £250

12 sessions


Saves £300

Lymphatic Drainage Suit


Some people may see an immediate difference, and some may take longer to see results but usually within a couple of days. 

It is a medical grade compression suit that helps with the lymphatic system. This system is vital for our health it absorbs, transports and eliminates waste toxins from the body. It can help with cellulite as this issue tends to be down to excess fluid in the body rather than fat.  

Our expert therapists will go through your medical history and asses if they feel this is the right treatment for you and your goals.  

How many treatments will I need? The more you have the better but on average 4-8 treatments.  

Is the treatment painful? No not painful at all, it can feel tight but overall, it is an easy and comfortable treatment.  

You will look the same ad you came in, but you may feel slightly less bloated.  

Your body can feel sluggish when it is processing the toxins but apart from that you should feel fine after your treatment.