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BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENT available at our clinic now! Exosome therapy is one of the most exciting treatments in the medical and aesthetic world today. Dr. Dev Patel launched Exosome therapy in 2020 and this is as cutting edge as it gets. Exosomes are the signaling messengers from stem cells and have a whole host of potential benefits and applications, especially for skin health. In fact, ALL aspects of skin health improve with exosome therapy.

There are only 4 labs in the world that makes exosomes of this type and only 1 of these makes the full cocktail that we use in clinic. This is from South Korea which is the epicentre of this sector of science and expertise.

Applications include:

  • Pigmentation
  • Skin laxity
  • Dull skin
  • Lines & wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis e.g. eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Other inflammatory conditions eg lichen simplex, psoriasis
  • Hair thinning/loss (male and female)

(Please note: there may only be anecdotal or other limited evidence for exosome therapy in some of the above conditions. However, research in a multitude of conditions has shown very promising results; something we have experienced in clinic too).

Why choose us? Here at Perfect Skin Solutions we have professional and kind therapists and doctors
Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your Exosomes?

Our team of highly trained, expert therapists will tailor every treatment to you and your individual skin concerns/conditions. They will discuss how many treatments they would recommend for your needs.

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At a glance At a glance

At a glance

Treatment time

15 - 30 mins



Full recovery

48 hours

Back to work time


Sensitivity period


Duration of result


Risks & complications

Bruising, temporary swelling


A Medical consultation with our Doctor is required before treatment. This is charged at £120.

Face & Neck (or other area) or Scalp

from £450

1 treatment with a Nurse


Course of 5 treatments with a Nurse


Saves £500

Face & Neck (or other area) or Scalp

from £550

1 treatment with a Doctor


Course of 5 treatments with a Doctor


Saves £750


You will have tiny blebs just visible, which is where the product has been left in your skin. This will dissipate over a few hours but can take longer in some patients.

  • Avoid any other facial treatments for 72 hours
  • Avoid touching or washing your face for 4 hours
  • Avoid make-up for 12 hours
Face Treatment AftercareFace Treatment Aftercare
Before & After

Before & After



Anyone who wants to improve the health and quality of their skin. It can be used for age-related issues, scarring and even eczema. Please note that many of these indications may not be listed under the approved use list for exosomes. Treatments are often used ‘off-label’ in the world of medicine and some applications of exosomes, may be offered under this premise, based on anecdotal evidence. This treatment is excellent as a combination protocol, alongside collagen-stimulating treatments like Morpheus8 or Fractora. Even one session with such treatments, can deliver more powerful results. You can continue with topical growth factor treatment (CellDerma GF5) at home.
When you visit us for a consultation, we will look at your medical history and concerns and help you choose the right therapies for the best possible outcome.

Exosomes are approved for topical use only. However, after careful consultation, you may agree to off-label application combining it with microneedling or even injection into the superficial layers of the skin. This can ensure greater penetration and clinical efficacy.

YES. Your body makes and uses exosomes all the time and knows what to do with them. No long-term negative side effects have been reported with this treatment.

Exosomes are derived from healthy human fat cells but it is important to note that there is NO cellular matter in the product we use. These stem cells are unique in the human body in that they have the power to differentiate. While all other cells divide and replicate, producing a new cell of precisely the same kind as the original, (Mesenchymal) stem cells are able to become any type of cell at all. Combined with the use of CellDerma GF5, these growth factors help to regenerate and heal your skin.

Ideally 3-5 treatments. If used in combination with another treatment, then even one session can be very useful. Our consultation process will allow you to know how many you would need.

On average, most patients start to see signs of improvement after their 2nd or 3rd session but often earlier.


What are Exosomes? Dr Patel Answers Your Questions

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