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Diabetic Foot

A Diabetic Foot is a long term complication of Diabetes Mellitus and can include several characteristics including infection, a diabetic foot ulcer and neuropathic osteoarthropathy.

Diabetic Foot is caused by Diabetes which has progressed and affected the lower limbs due to damaged nerves and/or arteries. It is thus very important to keep an eye on one’s feet, to prevent any ulcer formation due to unknown abrasions, cuts or breakdown beneath callused skin.

Over time diabetes can cause numbness in the feet. This can make it hard for people with Diabetes to feel sensations in their extremities so checking your feet regularly is essential for those with Diabetes and keeping feet healthy is critical while being vigilant about foot hygiene. 

For those with diabetes, we recommend you take the following steps: 

Wash the feet daily: Keep the feet clean to prevent infections.

Wear supportive shoes and socks: Protect the feet in socks and shoes at all times. A podiatrist may recommend special shoes to help prevent deformities. Do not apply socks so tightly that they restrict blood flow.

Promote blood flow to the feet: Put the feet up when sitting and get enough exercise. These actions help promote healthy blood flow to the feet.

Trim nails carefully: Trim toenails straight across and keep them short. Rounded nails can grow inward, leading to infection and ingrowing toenails. 

Care for corns and bunions: Treat corns and bunions carefully. 

Protect feet from extreme temperatures: Exposure to extreme hot and cold can damage the feet of people with diabetes.

Control blood sugar: Uncontrolled blood sugars increase the risk of podiatric complications from diabetes.

Avoid smoking: Smoking adversely affects blood flow to the tissues, which can make foot problems worse in people with diabetes.

Why choose us? Here at Perfect Skin Solutions we have professional and kind therapists and doctors
Perfect Skin Solutions

Why have your Diabetic Foot treated at Perfect Skin Solutions?

Nishal Patel previously sub-specialised in diabetic foot care within the NHS and is very well placed to deal with this condition and its potential complications. Thorough attention to the feet in those with diabetes can literally be limb-saving. 

Nishal was previously a specialist within the diabetic foot team in Kingston Hospital. She has the knowledge to manage ulcerative wounds, assess the changing diabetic foot and offer diabetic foot health knowledge.

A comprehensive foot check along with any necessary treatment is offered in our foot clinic. If required, we will liaise with your GP regarding for any additional or onward management such as antibiotics. 

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Treatments available

Treatments available

Diabetic Foot


Once a year as long as the diabetes is under control.

It is very important to have your feet checked by a podiatrist. You will be advised on how to be aware of changes within your feet, how best to protect them and how regularly they need to be seen/assessed.

Diabetes effects the blood and nerve supply down to the feet. Your podiatrist will discuss how these changes affect your feet and what to be aware of.