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A world first: Here at Perfect Skin Solutions, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of new technology within our industry and UltraClear™ is a prime example. It is the world’s first and only cold, ablative, fractional fibre laser platform, a breakthrough nearly pain-free anti-ageing solution for all skin types up to Fitzpatrick 6. 

There is no other energy-based device, that is more customisable, meaning that almost any skin concern can be addressed AND settings can be adjusted to give you less downtime if necessary. When compared to our use of CO2 lasers, UltraClear shows far superior results with significantly less downtime, a much safer risk profile and minimal discomfort in comparison. UltraClear can treat a whole array of signs of ageing and poor skin health, including:

  • Dull skin
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Sun damage & age spots
  • Scars including acne scars
  • Uneven texture and complexion
  • Skin laxity (eg on neck, hooded eyes, jawline)

One of the quickest and most comfortable treatments available, other benefits include:

  • From 15 minute treatment times
  • Quick and comfortable
  • Only topical numbing required (none needed for 3DMiracl)
  • Approved for ALL skin colour types (Fitzpatrick 1-6)
  • Fast healing

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Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your UltraClear™?

Perfect Skin Solutions is one of the UK’s most reputed aesthetic clinics with over 10 industry awards including Best Clinic South-East 2021 and Best Clinic South England 2022.

Our Founder and Medical Director, Dr Dev Patel (Highly Commended Best Aesthetic Doctor UK 2023 – Safety in Beauty Awards) is renowned for his passion for new technology and groundbreaking medical practices. Dr Patel is a Key Opinion Leader for a number of leading aesthetic technology brands, and regularly travels the globe speaking at major global aesthetic conferences. We are proud to say we are the first and only clinic in the South to be able to offer UltraClear™ to our patients.

All of Dr Patel’s clinical team have been trained to the highest standard, so patients can be assured that they will always receive the very best care during their treatment.

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At a glance At a glance

At a glance

Treatment time

30 minutes to 1 hr 45 minutes (dependant on treatment intensity)


Not required for 3DMIRACL

Full recovery

3 -14 days

Back to work time

1 - 14 days

Sensitivity period

0 - 1 day

Duration of result

Light peel option 3-4 months. Deeper treatment 1 -5 years.

Risks & complications



A £25 refundable holding payment will be required to secure any appointment with a therapist.

Therapist Prices

Doctor Prices

Therapist Prices



Doctor Prices


Non refundable


Further prices and treatment areas are available at consultation. Please note: We strongly advise the purchase of Cellderma GF5 which is a growth factor home treatment. This has been shown to significantly speed up healing and reduce the risk of post-procedure complications.
Before & After

Before & After



This will depend on your choice of treatment. The 3DMIRACL treatment can take only 30 minutes for the whole appointment from start to finish, however if you opt for a deeper treatment with the doctor (ADVANCED) then it can be from 45 minutes as this would be a deeper skin rejuvenation and collagen remodelling treatment.

Again this is dependant on the treatment choice. For a 3DMIRACL treatment, you will have some redness and mild swelling right after treatment and will feel a heat sensation, but this should reside in a few hours. We all react differently, so for some it may take slightly longer.
If you wish to treat deep wrinkles or acne scars which requires a more intense treatment which is the ADVANCED with a doctor, you will have an average of up to 14 days of downtime, possibly longer for a laser coring treatment.

It is recommended waiting 4-6 weeks to allow for natural exfoliation and skin turnover. Depending upon your personalised plan, 3-6 UltraClear treatments may be recommended on an annual basis.

UltraClear safely and efficiently treats all skin types and does not require topical numbing for most procedures (with the exception of the doctor led deeper treatments). The treatments are fairly comfortable, with a low pain level (however we all perceive this differently!). UltraClear treatments are from 30 minutes with minimal downtime (depending on the intensity chosen).

UltraClear offers a patient experience no other technology can match.

When it comes to ablative skin resurfacing, UltraClear is indeed the safest laser for all skin types (Fitzpatrick 1-6). This is because it is the world’s first and only cold fibre laser. This means that it emits very little energy as heat (5% compared to 60% from CO2 laser). Less heat means less risk of complications such as pigment change. UltraClear is the best and safest option for skin types at higher risk of hyperpigmentation and at Perfect Skin Solutions, we have treated many such patients with excellent clinical outcomes.

CO2 laser is a long time favourite for resurfacing the skin, helping to improve skin texture including scarring. However, about 60% of the energy emitted from CO2 lasers is in the form of heat. This heat contributes to inflammation and in turn poses the risk of complications such as pigment disturbance and prolonged skin sensitivity. Furthermore, downtime tends to be longer as a result including the sensation of ‘heat’. UltraClear can be set to release as little as 5% heat energy! This results in a few key benefits: less downtime, significantly more comfort during and after treatment and a dramatically lower risk of unwanted side effects. UltraClear’s unique and patented cold fibre technology makes it the safest laser available for skin resurfacing. In fact, we have made our own CO2 laser and Erbium:YAG lasers dormant at Perfect Skin Solutions, as UltraClear offers the best laser option.