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doctor and nurse performing endolift treatment on a patient

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EndoLift offers a remarkable alternative to surgical skin rejuvenating, tightening, and contouring procedures. This revolutionary laser, suitable for face and body, can deliver impressive results with no surgical scars and minimal recovery time.

Key treatment areas 

  • Lower face (jowl) and neck ‘sagging’
  • Eye area skin laxity 
  • Scarring 
  • Upper arms  
  • Thighs 
  • Knees 

Following local anaesthesia, a thin, laser-emitting wire, just 0.2-0.4mm in diameter, is introduced to the sub-dermal skin layer. With precise and delicate movements, the laser energy targets specific treatment areas to stimulate multiple responses:  

  • Mechanical contraction – whilst this gives the temporary effect of immediate skin firming and tightening, the key is the body’s continuing response… 
  • Improvement of skin ‘architecture’ – structural proteins such as collagen and elastin are naturally produced in response to Endolift. The early signs can be seen as soon as 4-8 weeks, but the process continues to work over time with ‘peak’ results 9-12 months after the procedure.  
  • Skin surface rejuvenation – due to the natural healing process being kickstarted by Endolift, the increase in proteins has an impressive effect on the feel and appearance of the surface of the skin.  
  • Fat reduction – by directing the Endolift Laser energy slightly deeper, we can target fat cells, causing them to emulsify. In addition, the Fibroseptal network, which holds fat cells together, contracts.  

The treatment typically takes 1 hour. Due to Endolift’s minimally invasive nature, the downtime is surprisingly short. Patients generally experience slightly pink skin and mild swelling for 24-48 hours.  

In the majority of cases, only 1 treatment is needed but this varies depending on the individual. You will be advised on requirements for optimum results during your consultation. 


Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your EndoLift?

All Endolift treatments at Perfect Skin Solutions, are carried out by Dr Dev Patel.  

Dr Patel, a global leader and educator in the field of aesthetics, has almost a decade of experience in the use of energy-based devices for facial and body contouring.  

Having been mentored in the applications of Endolift by the world’s foremost expert, Dr Riccardo Forte, Dr Patel’s approach and technique is of the highest calibre.  

With honesty and realistic expectation at the core of all treatments carried out at Perfect Skin Solutions, you can be confident in your decision to proceed with your Endolift transformation.  

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At a glance At a glance

At a glance

Full recovery

3 - 7 days

Back to work time

24 hours

Sensitivity period

Mild redness and swelling, bruising

Risks & complications

Bruising, spot burn, discomfort.


Please note that we strongly advise you to use GF5 bio-regenerative growth factor serum post-procedure. Consultation fee is £120 and non-refundable.

1 Small Area

Under eyes or crow's feet


Face (1 area)

Examples of an area include: Neck (inc. under chin), lower face (inc. jawline), upper cheek, periorbital area. Some areas are better done together e.g. lower face and neck.


Face (2 areas)

Examples of an area include: Neck (inc. under chin), lower face (inc. jawline), upper cheek, periorbital area. Some areas are better done together e.g. lower face and neck.


Face (3 areas)

Examples of an area include: Neck (inc. under chin), lower face (inc. jawline), upper cheek, periorbital area. Some areas are better done together e.g. lower face and neck.



An area includes both sides, if applicable e.g. both inner thighs, both arms etc. Price on consultation.

from £3500

10% deposit required at booking. Full payment is required 7 days in advance of treatment. Read our terms & conditions

Visia Facial Scan – £25

LifeViz Facial Scan – £50

LifeViz Body Scan – £50

Spread your payments with our finance options!

Before & After

Before & After



EndoLift emits a laser of 1470nm wavelength. The treatment is non-coagulative and non-ablative – it does not cause scabbing or involve any removal of material. 

The laser is introduced under the skin, to the sub-dermal layer via a tiny, flexible wire, 0.2-0.4mm in diameter. The wire is then gently guided into the target area, applying energy to the skin and fat.   

Primary targets:


      • Lower face
      • Neck
      • BODY
      • Inner thighs
      • Love handles (side of abdomen)
      • Knees
      • Upper arms

Secondary targets:


      • Perioral (around the mouth)
      • Periorbital (eg lower/upper eyelids, crow’s feet area, festoons)
      • Malar bags
      • Brow lift


      • Abdomen
      • Outer thighs

One of the major advantages of EndoLift is the minimal cosmetic downtime. There is a possibility of some light bruising and swelling, but most patients have little or no redness. As with all medical procedures, the individual’s natural rate of healing differs from patient to patient but, following our aftercare plan, the high majority are happy to return to normal activities.  

Detailed aftercare advice will be provided to you at or after consultation. However, we advise that you avoid strenuous exercises, hot baths/sauna/steam room, and alcohol for 72 hours. Drink plenty of water and use CellDerma GF5 (growth factor serum available from the clinic), twice daily until the bottle is finished.

Yes, you can, however, the result is unlikely to be as good. This is because the very anatomical layer that is the primary target of EndoLift, is cut during a facelift. A consultation will help our doctor advise you better.