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Oily Skin

Oily skin can be characterized by: enlarged pores, acne/spots and a slight sheen on the T-zone area at the end of the day (forehead, nose and chin area). Oily skin can affect a lot of people of all ages and genders and can be a major source of discomfort. There are quite a few options for oily skin that we will go over below to help control it. Oily skin is mainly due to genetics/ hormones so it is hard to fully and effectively get rid of.

The main causes of oily skin include genetics, environmental and lifestyle factors. While you can’t get rid of oily skin there are steps that a person can take to reduce the oils. Also, oily skin can be bought on by using the wrong products on your skin, overwashing and exfoliating. Doing this too often will strip too much oil from the skin, which can cause the sebaceous glands to work extra hard making more and more oil on the surface of the skin. 

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Oily Skin


You will know if you have oily skin by having enlarged pores and a slight sheen on the skin. Typically, the T-zone area is where the oil tends to be secreted.

Cleansers that contain salicylic and pyruvic acid, will help to shut down the pores. Retinoids are also effective at moderating the oil on the skin. Moisturisers with Jojoba oil will help to balance oil production creating a stronger skin barrier.  

Over-exfoliating will take off too much of the natural oils that sit on the skin’s surface. This will then mean the sebaceous glands will go into overdrive potentially causing more acne/spots. The same goes for over-washing the face, as long as the day’s muck and grime are off the skin there is no need to wash it more than twice a day. Layering the wrong types of products may also flare the skin, some ingredients can suffocate the pores and create excess sebum. 

People with oily skin do also receive some benefits, on average oily skin is thicker and less prone to wrinkles thus meaning you will theoretically age better. Oils on the skin can help preserve the skin and also serve as a barrier to most things in the environment.