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Non-Surgical Facelift

Until recent times, the non-surgical facelift was really just a fantasy idea, which clever companies with fancy-looking machines played into. Those desperately seeking a “lift” but not wanting surgery, would, and still do pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds to achieve little or no visible lift. Now, there are widely available treatments such as volumising dermal fillers but also more cutting-edge technologies like FaceTite and Morpheus8 which are unique to only a few clinics in the UK, including Perfect Skin Solutions.

One of the key signs of ageing is “everything heads south” on the face. This applies primarily to the mid and lower face where the skin loses its elasticity and thins, leaving us with sagging and redundant skin. This is where Plexr offers a highly unique, non-surgical facelift option to effectively tighten and smooth excess skin, giving a ‘facelift’. The other key component of ageing is “volume loss”. This refers primarily to the shrinkage of the deep fat compartments of the face, which provide support to the skin above. The skin, having lost some of its support, migrates down the face, leading to sunken under-eye areas, nose-to-mouth folds (nasolabial folds), downturned mouth, jowls and more. This can be effectively addressed with dermal fillers. Lastly, superficial fat (not the deep fat mentioned above), can collect in little pockets at the jowls, under the chin, or form eye bags. We have numerous remarkable devices that can specifically target these areas.

Options available are:

OGEE Lift: Our most powerful ‘lifting’ formula and indeed, Dr Dev Patel’s signature approach to bring a fresher, healthier and younger appearance to the middle and lower face. Whether you detect a negative emotion from your face, such as a look of sadness or tiredness or you simply want to feel more confident about yourself, the OGEE Lift can deliver dramatic results whilst ensuring YOU STILL LOOK LIKE YOU. See FAQs below.

PLEXR: Dr Patel is the UK’s foremost expert in Plexr and this is our most potent skin tightening treatment. It can be used for any small area with skin laxity, like the eyelids, face and neck. It also has a multitude of other uses.

Morpheus8 & FaceTite: these radiofrequency (RF) treatments have become global sensations and can even be combined together (Embrace RF). The focus is on skin tightening and contouring of areas with unwanted fat, like under the chin. Dermal fillers are best done just after this treatment to aid with volume restoration but usually less product is needed due to the benefits of skin plumping with RF technology.

Sunekos and Profhilo: collagen boosting hyaluronic injections (not dermal fillers) that will deliver improvements to skin laxity and overall quality. One can also see a small degree of volume restoration.

So, with the above four treatment options, we can now safely and effectively address three key ageing factors and therefore achieve a non-surgical facelift. Furthermore, with full-face surgical facelifts costing around £16K, there is considerable cost-saving with the above options.

Please see our FAQs for more information. As with all our treatments, a thorough consultation is required for you to make an informed decision on treatment.

How do I know which treatment options I will need for my non-surgical facelift?

You really need to have a consultation with our doctor to have a better idea of this. Information on this page and via the links will give you a better understanding of this technology and what it entails. We do encourage you to read all relevant FAQs. However, only after consultation, can a tailored treatment plan be devised. You can then go home and have some thinking time before committing to any procedure.

I am worried about looking unnatural after dermal fillers. Can you reassure me?

In the words of our Medical Director: “Of utmost importance to me, is that I achieve a genuinely natural-looking result and restore age-balance to the face. What I mean by the latter, is that each section of the face should age-match other sections of the face. I often see ladies in their 50s or 60s with the cheeks of a 20-year-old, whilst the rest of their face fits with their real age. These cheeks might be the best cheeks in the world, but they certainly won’t look the best, on that face. My approach continuously evolves; being influenced by advances within the industry, teachings from some of the world’s top experts and results of numerous psychological studies on beauty and human behaviour. The OGEE Lift was born from this. Increasing one’s self-confidence will enhance the beauty they manifest to others (beyond the effect of pure beautification).” Dr Dev Patel

Can you tell me more about the OGEE Lift?

This is Dr Patel’s trademarked approach to face mapping aspects of the face (with regards to proportion, symmetry and balance) to the ideal combination of hyaluronic acid and Radiesse Plus, and then administering this with a minimally invasive plan to deliver the most cost-effective, holistic, non-surgical facelift option available.

Perfect Skin Solutions

Why choose Perfect Skin Solutions for your Non-Surgical Facelift?

Dr Patel listens to any concerns you may have; he will use his expertise to assess what the best individual non-surgical facelift approach is for you. He was one of the early adopters of the FaceTite technology and is a Key Opinion Leader and Speaker for InMode UK. As well as this, he has his own unique signature approach with the OGEE lift, so you know with his expert knowledge you are in safe hands. All treatments and procedures go through extensive research by Dr Patel – you know you can trust he has your best interests in mind.

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Cheeks/Nasolabial Folds

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OGEE Lift (Mini)




Visia Facial Scan – £25

LifeViz Facial Scan – £50

LifeViz Body Scan – £50

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Post Treatment Expectations And Aftercare

    Post treatment expectations and aftercare advice will be given to you before and after you have your treatment. This advice varies and is dependent on which treatment option you have. For the relevant aftercare details, please see the according treatment pages above.
Face Treatment AftercareFace Treatment Aftercare
Before & After

Before & After

Non-Surgical Facelift


Your face is unique and thus your treatment plan needs to be as well. However, we tend to use volumizing and longer-lasting fillers like Stylage XL/XXL Belotero Volume and of course our long-time favourite Radiesse Plus.  These have ideal rheology (properties of how the fillers behave in your facial tissues) for use in this area. Visit our dermal fillers and OGEE Lift pages to learn more

Many years ago, the accepted method of treating these folds was to simply place filler directly into the area. Significant advancement in our knowledge of the anatomy of ageing and the psychology of beauty has led to a positive shift in our approach. Although we may add a little product here, it is far more common to LIFT the fold rather than FILL it. This is done by the careful placement of product in the cheek area. This will all be discussed in your consultation after a full facial assessment with photographs.

We take pride in the multitude of measures we implement to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Local anaesthetic in the product means you should very quickly be pain-free at each injection site. Patients often report to us how their experience has been significantly better and indeed enjoyable, when compared to treatments elsewhere, in the past. The fact that we always have an assistant with the injector, makes a big difference to your comfort and overall experience. 

We value the process of educating our patients during the consultation process, to allow you to mutually agree on a treatment plan. There is no need for you to identify what you need treated. Your full facial assessment by one of our reputable expert doctors or aesthetic practitioners will aid you in understanding your specific needs to achieve the outcome you desire. 

Most patients get away with just a little swelling that may last a few days. However, you should always be ready to have bruising and more significant swelling. There may be some small, palpable lumps under the skin but these will rarely be a cosmetic issue and disappear in time. Full information on side effects will be discussed during your consultation.


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