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Drinking (alcohol) is very much part of British culture but unfortunately, it is still a poison.

Many of my patients – especially the wine drinkers who like to go home after work and enjoy a glass or three, perhaps with their partner – are very surprised to hear how dangerously high their weekly alcohol intake is.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption's effect on our skin

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This section is not a platform to discuss the detrimental effects of alcohol on all our organs. However, we should mention its impact on the skin. Alcohol dehydrates your body in general and the skin does not escape this consequence. This happens every time you drink and thus over time, the skin in a drinker, will appear duller with more lines and wrinkles.

Drinking too much is also thought to deprive the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients as well. Drinking heavily can have other, more permanent, detrimental effects on your skin. Rosacea, a skin disorder that starts with a tendency to blush and flush easily and can eventually lead to facial disfigurement, is often linked to alcohol. Some drinkers are also more likely to experience spot outbreaks, well beyond their teens. There are many other skin changes associated with alcohol excess but these belong in the medical textbooks.

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