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Five anti ageing treatments in Portsmouth

Rejuvenating the lower face with anti ageing treatments in Portsmouth

If you’re beginning to see the early signs of ageing forming on the face, or you’re worried about existing lines and wrinkles around the mouth anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth such as dermal fillers and chemical skin peels can help.

Rejuvenating the lower face doesn’t require surgery, and in many cases non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth can offer impressive aesthetic results with no downtime or painful recovery process. Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about our services.
Rejuvenating the lower face with anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth has never been easier. Here at Perfect Skin Solutions, we offer our patients a full circle aesthetic experience, aiming to reduce the signs of facial ageing you may see forming around the nose, mouth and jaw without a scalpel in sight.

There are numerous anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth to choose from, and at Perfect Skin Solutions a tailored treatment plan to each and every patient. Ensuring our patients are looked after and offered the very best service is something we value highly, and Dr. Patel – our resident cosmetic doctor – is an expert in injectable anti-ageing.
Anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth include, but are not limited to, non-surgical solutions for lower facial ageing including:

  • Dermal fillers
  • Volumisers
  • Chemical skin peels
  • Plexr
  • Ogee Lift

There is a treatment to suit most concerns patients often come to us seeking help for, and we’re sure here at the clinic you’ll find anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth to help you look and feel fantastic.
The lower face can be a cause for worry for patients, particularly those entering their forties and beyond. Luckily, anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth can help to reduce ageing lines, fill wrinkles, volumise the face and even smooth and rejuvenate the skin. Subtle results are the key to happy patients, and anti-ageing injectables especially are administered with great care to ensure natural-looking results.

Whether you’re seeking anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth to rejuvenate the skin, smooth lines and creases from the mouth area, or treat skin laxity around the chin and jaw, Dr. Patel will be able to advise you on your best aesthetic options. A cosmetic doctor with a real eye for detail, he understands the importance of facial harmony, and address your concerns whilst remaining vigilant that the overall balance of the face is safe.
You can also rejuvenate the whole of the face with anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth, with forehead lines eased by wrinkle reduction injections, and nutritional advice combined with skincare to improve skin health from the inside out.

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