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Lipofirm Pro for body contouring

Why choose Lipofirm Pro non-surgical body contouring?

A toned tummy is one of the most cosmetically sought after parts of the body – and one of the most difficult to achieve without any help. Even for those who carefully follow a nutrition and exercise regimen, factors like metabolism, age, genetics or the odd weekend off can cause a stubborn paunch of fat to collect on the lower tummy.
Non-surgical body contouring using Lipofirm Pro can transform your physique without painful and invasive surgical procedures. We offer this treatment at Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth.

Surgical remedies to banish fat are often costly, painful and require a lot of downtime. What’s more, there are risks of complications, and in the wrong hands can have severe health implications. There are lots of reasons that someone might not want to undergo cosmetic surgery for a body concern, but this doesn’t mean they don’t want to do something about it. That’s where Lipofirm Pro body contouring, available at Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth, can help.

So when surgery seems too drastic, what’s a happy medium that caters to people who are seeking quick, effective and long-term results? Lipofirm Pro body contouring!

Why choose body contouring?

Non-surgical body contouring is on the up, and being that it’s the only thing that can provide all of the above, it’s easy to see why. At Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth, we offer this non-surgical aesthetic device that works on banishing stubborn fat, toning skin and contouring the body. Lipofirm Pro specifically is designed for treating problem areas like the tummy, thighs, upper arms and buttocks, as part of a bum lift.

Choosing Lipofirm Pro body contouring

Lipofirm Pro is unique to the body contouring market, because it provides a dual function. Not only can the device banish unwanted fat but it also tightens the skin at the same time by promoting collagen production. The effect of the two combined results in a tauter, leaner and younger looking silhouette.

Utilising a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency energies, during Lipofirm Pro body reshaping heat pentrates the tissues beneath the skin, whilst protecting the skin, making the treatment comfortable. This also boosts the production collagen – the product in the body that is responsible for skin elasticity.

Is body contouring the right choice for you?

Lipofirm Pro body contouring is effective on people who have a small to medium amount of fat and/or some loose skin; it is not suitable for people who have weight to lose. Lipofirm Pro body contouring is the preferred treatment for people who are quite close to their ideal weight, and of any age (skin laxity decreases from the mid-twenties onwards, and becomes more apparent over time).
Lipofirm Pro body contouring treatment is comfortable and quick, requiring next to no downtime, although you might experience a little redness to your treatment area after treatment, but this will subside naturally in a matter of hours.

Patients seeking Lipofirm Pro body contouring will likely be required to have multiple sessions at Perfect Skin Solutions to see best results – experts recommend 4-6 although this obviously varies from patient to patient.
For more information on either device or to find your nearest provider email the team at Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth.





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