Should you go Pro?

What you need to know before you attempt DIY laser hair removal By Aesthetic Therapist Lia Chaib of Perfect Skin Solutions, Southsea. 

Thick luscious hair is deemed aspirational – when it’s on our heads. So why is it that when it comes to our body or unwanted facial hair, that we cringe at the sight of new hair growth and immediately call our Beauty Therapists, whilst frantically looking on google for the latest trends for hair removal. This is what one of the things my new laser patients discuss with me on a regular basis.  

After many of us experiencing the pitfalls of shaving including those pesky ingrown hairs, redness, irritation and don’t get me started on the regrowth, people start to contemplate other methods of hair removal. Plucking, threading, bleaching and hair removal creams, which are just not cutting it these days and people are looking for a longer-lasting result. Many of my patients tell me ‘even if I can get my hair thinner and more manageable, I would be happy with that’. 

Should I go PRO or DIY? 

There are many at-home lasers devices on the market these days that promise a smooth appearance after just one session, but is this really true, and more importantly is it SAFE? 

Many at-home devices rely on one light technology and therefore are limited to working only on pale skin and dark hair. Darker skin types risk burning their skin with at-home DIY devices. This is mainly because these at-home devices generally are not advanced enough to distinguish melanin from the hair follicle. In my professional opinion, having your laser hair removal treatments in a professional clinic is far more advanced and results driven than doing it yourself from home. During your consultation, skin and hair education is given so you understand the science behind the technology. Choosing at-home devices can be dangerous because sometimes the instruction manual does not educate people to stay away from moles, tans and areas of hyper-pigmentation, which can then lead to scarring or any unwanted damage to the skin.  

This image shows how the laser light penetrates deeper into the hair shaft when using the right technique.

On average, women spend 75 days of their life shaving and spend around £10,000 over their lifetime on waxing appointments, shaving products and other methods of hair removal. When looking at medical laser hair removal, choose a Doctor led clinic. Therefore, if there are any moles or unusual skin lesions on the treatment area, there is always a Doctor on hand to check these out before treating.  

Almost every patient I have treated with our in-clinic hair removal system has described the results of being life-changing’ and they all wish they had started younger. 


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