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Subtle anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth

Natural results using anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth

For most patients at Perfect Skin Solutions seeking anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth, the desired results are natural looking and subtle. The days of choosing over inflated lips and over filled cheeks are thankfully on the decline.
We have noticed at our cosmetic clinic specifically that the majority of new patients are most definitely opting for anti-ageing treatments (and the skills of cosmetic doctors) which offer subtle results which leave friends and family remarking how well and rejuvenated they look, rather than asking what work they’ve had done.
At Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth we treat men and women from all over the south of England, and the wider UK, that are seeking non surgical anti-ageing treatments designed to reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin, or improve volume which may be lost due to the ageing process.

Popular non surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth offered by Dr Patel and the Perfect Skin Solutions team include:
– muscle relaxing injections
– dermal filler treatment
– chemical skin peels
– skin tightening
– skin rejuvenation options
advanced skincare (for issues such as acne scarring as well as ageing lines and wrinkles)

For many patients choosing just one of those anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth will provide the specific results they are seeking, however it is not uncommon for patients to choose to undergo a combination of anti-ageing skin therapies in order to provide a more intensive and well-rounded result.

Whether you choose to undergo one anti-ageing treatment designed to smooth the wrinkles or improve on, or a combination of anti-ageing therapy is designed to improve the appearance of multiple ageing concerns, you can be sure that the team here at Perfect Skin Solutions will tailor your treatment plan to your bespoke needs, and ensure your results are subtle and natural looking, which we believe results in long-term patient satisfaction.

Dr Dev Patel is the principal cosmetic doctor here at Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth and has appeared in numerous publications – such as the Daily Express and OK magazine – talking about anti-ageing treatments and non surgical skin improvement treatments which offer long term natural looking results. He is a firm believer in offering patients a unique service which is designed to skin rejuvenation treatments which improve both your appearance and your self-esteem in the most natural-looking way.

He says: “When a patient visits Perfect Skin Solutions first time we discuss their goals and requirements during an informal consultation. The consultation is an ideal opportunity for patients to find out more about the non surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth they are interested in, as well as undergoing skin analysis to ensure that those anti-ageing treatments are indeed the correct ones for their concerns.

Dr Patel continues:

“Once we have agreed upon a treatment plan using the best anti-ageing treatments, the patient is reminded of the risks and complications as well as the rewards of undergoing cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments. This, in my eyes, ensures that the patient is aware of the improvements the cosmetic skin treatments may offer, as well as the limitations, and I always make sure that they understand the goal is for natural looking, subtle results. At Perfect Skin Solutions we don’t subscribe to the overfilled, unnatural looking results made popular by some celebrities; patients should look fantastic, and to me this means looking healthy, well, and rejuvenated in the most natural looking way possible.”

Choosing Perfect Skin Solutions for your anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth

When undergoing anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth it’s vital you feel the cosmetic doctor treating you understands your aesthetic goals. Best way to determine whether you feel comfortable with both the cosmetic doctor and the treatment plan being offered is by booking a consultation.

The consultation at Perfect Skin Solutions is the first step in actively undergoing anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth, and is an absolutely essential part of the decision-making process. For more info on anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth or to book a consultation please contact member of the reception team he will be delighted to book you an appointment.

We look forward to welcoming you to Perfect Skin Solutions and helping you feel and look fantastic.





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