Try laser hair removal in Portsmouth

Reasons to undergo laser hair removal in Portsmouth 

Unwanted face hair or body hair can be a distressing problem, but if you choose to undergo laser hair removal in Portsmouth this concern can be a thing of the past. At Perfect Skin Solutions we offer the best laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation platform in the UK – the Harmony XL Pro – and our clients are nothing short of delighted with the results.

Laser hair removal treatments have been around for many years now, although the quality of the platform used is directly responsible for the level of results achieved. For that reason, at the Portsmouth clinic we offer laser hair removal using the Harmony XL Pro because we believe it is the best device in the industry, and trust in the results this form of non-invasive treatment can offer our clients.

Laser hair removal in Portsmouth is popular with both male and female patients, and we have seen a rise in the number of enquiries surrounding this form of treatment in recent years. This could be due to the increasing number of celebrities who are taking to the media to report on their experiences with energy assisted hair reduction treatments, and with the Harmony XL Pro giving such excellent results we are finding that word-of-mouth is more than enough to encourage new clients to visit the clinic for laser hair removal in Portsmouth.

Why choose to undergo laser hair removal?

Unlike treatments such as electrolysis which can be extremely painful, and every day forms of hair removal for the face and body such as waxing and shaving which offer short term relief from unwanted hair, laser hair removal is a tried and tested method of long-term hair reduction. Not all laser hair removal devices are created equally, however, and we offer the Harmony XL Pro treatments over any other because of the unparalleled and unrivalled long-term hair removal results this can offer.

Laser hair removal is in Portsmouth is safe and comfortable. Several treatment sessions will be necessary in most cases, and a course of treatment is often recommended for the best long-term results. As well as being used as a laser hair removal device, the Harmony XL Pro is a multi-use platform and can also be used in non-surgical skin rejuvenations treatments.

In terms of skin rejuvenation, the Harmony XL Pro is an ideal platform for anti ageing treatments to improve the appearance of concern such as hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Providing both anti ageing treatments as well as skin rejuvenations treatments means that this device is multifaceted and has many benefits for clients to experience.

Choosing treatment with the Harmony XL Pro

If you would like more information about undergoing laser hair removal treatment in Portsmouth, or what treatments are available using the Harmony XL Pro for skin rejuvenations and anti ageing, please contact Dr Dev Patel or a member of the Perfect Skin Solutions team who will be delighted to assist you further and help you make an informed and educated decision as to whether this form of nonsurgical treatment is right for you.