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Portsmouth anti ageing treatments including Ogee Lift

Perfect Skin Solutions launches Ogee Lift for Portsmouth anti ageing treatments

Curves are back in fashion for women across the UK, but not in the way you might expect, according to Portsmouth anti-ageing treatments expert, Dr. Dev Patel, who has created the Monroe Facelift.
The Portsmouth anti ageing expert and cosmetic doctor has pioneered a brand new non-surgical facelift called Ogee Lift (Monroe Facelift) that uses dermal fillers, in a never seen before way, to restore youthful structure to the face. Rather than fill areas of the face that are lacking natural volume, injectables are use to build support to the structure of the face following a woman’s own facial curves.

What is the Monroe Facelift?

Officially trademarked as the Ogee Lift, the ‘Monroe Facelift’ is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that follows the natural Ogee Curve of the female face to turn back the clock. Rather than using dermal fillers to fill Dr. Patel harnesses the power of the injectables to support and rebuild the structure of the face, providing his patients with a naturally more youthful appearance.

The ‘Monroe Facelift’ (Ogee Lift) was launched recently at Perfect Skin Solutions, of which Dr Patel is the Medical Director, and has proved to be a remarkable success with women seeking facial rejuvenation without surgery including Portsmouth anti-ageing treatments.

Running the top cosmetic clinic for Portsmouth anti-ageing treatments, he says he pioneered the Ogee Lift (Monroe Facelift) after seeing so many celebrities sporting an overfilled appearance as a result of poor use of injectables including dermal fillers.

On the Monroe Facelift Dr. Patel explains:

“The Ogee Lift – or ‘Marilyn Facelift’ as my patients have light-heartedly nicknamed it due to the focus on curves – is a totally bespoke non-surgical facelifting technique I’ve developed after seeing so many celebrities sporting dreadfully over-filled faces. Fillers have their place but it’s how we as doctors use them that matters most.”
This is a one-of-a-kind offering from our list of bespoke Portsmouth anti-ageing treatments that will revolutionise the way we approach facial rejuvenation, says Dev.

“The Ogee Curve is really relevant to the female face. If you look at the aesthetically ‘ideal’ female face in youth, from an oblique angle, you will see a convex fullness in the lateral brow that softly curves where the upper and lower eyelids meet. This then curves outward on the upper cheek to again curve inward just above the mouth. This pair of soft S-curves represents the Ogee Curve. As we age, however, the natural Ogee Curve collapses, resulting in sagging skin.”

The anti-ageing expert’s underlying aim with Ogee Lift, and the Monroe Lift specifically, is to give back a little of what the person has lost, rather than try and give them something they never had.
“By keeping the Ogee Curve in mind, along with age-related anatomical changes in the face, I can ensure my patient will always end up with a natural, rejuvenated look. This is so important when beautifying a face. The minute there are certain tell-tale signs of work being done, the Ogee Lift treatment has failed and whatever the beholder thinks, the world around them will not see a more beautiful face.”

According to Dev, celebrities who have fallen victim to this include American rapper Lil’ Kim, and The Only Way Is Essex stars Lauren Pope and Sam Faiers.

“The Ogee Lift/Monroe Facelift is my own personal approach of using dermal fillers, with the aim being not to fill, but to restore structure and support to the face. I aim to restore that ideal Ogee Curve and therefore create a fresher, healthier and beautified face.”

And what about the men?

“My approach to treating men for facial rejuvenation is very different; it has to be. For men we are aiming to enhance their masculinity and youthful appearance.”
The Ogee Lift is available only from Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth. Contact the cosmetic clinic for more information about the Monroe Facelift or to book a consultation.





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