Soft Surgery

Until recent times, the non-surgical facelift was really just a fantasy idea, which clever companies with fancy looking machines played into. Those desperately seeing a “lift” but not wanting surgery, would – and still do – pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds to achieve little or no visible lift. Now, there are widely available treatments such as volumising dermal fillers but also more cutting-edge technology which is unique to only a few clinics in the UK, including Perfect Skin Solutions.

One of the key signs of ageing is “everything heads South” on the face. This applies primarily to the mid and lower face. Skin loses it elasticity and thins, leaving us with sagging and redundant skin. This is where Plexr offers a highly unique, non-surgical option to effectively remove this excess skin, giving a facelift. The other key component of ageing is “volume loss”. This refers primarily shrinkage of the deep fat compartments of the face, which provide support to the skin above. The skin, having lost some of its support, migrates down the face, leading to sunken under eye areas, line to mouth folds (nasolabial folds), downturned mouth, jowls and more. This can be effectively addressed with either dermal fillers or Vibrance or indeed both. Lastly, superficial fat (not the deep fat mentioned above), can collect in little pockets eg jowls, under the chin, eye bags. We have quite a remarkable device – O.F.F. – which dissolves this fat in real time.

So with the above four treatment options, we can now safely and effectively address three key ageing factors and therefore achieve a non-surgical facelift. Furthermore, with full-face surgical facelifts costing around £16K, there is considerable cost-saving with the above options.

We are proud to have recently launched complementary devices to our already highly successful and award-winning Plexr. These are Vibrance (for lifting and volumising) and O.F.F. (lipolysis). Together, these devices give us all the tools required to achieve a holistic face/neck lift, addressing excess skin, excess fat and volume loss.

Please see our FAQs for more information. As with all our treatments, a thorough consultation is required for you to make an informed decision on treatment.














Treatment Summary

  • Procedure Time N/A
  • Full Recovery Immediate
  • Duration of Results Long-Term
  • Back To Work Time Immediate
  • Sensitivity Period N/A
  • Anaesthetic N/A
  • Risks & Complications Bruising
    Carbon Crust (Dependant on treatment)


Dermal Fillers: from £350 (depending on volume required)


Plexr facelift: £595/session (1-3 usually required) or £1495 for pre-paid course of 3.

Vibrance/O.F.F: Lower face(inc Chin) – £300/session or £700/course of 3

Mid-face/tear troughs – £250/session or £600/course of 3

Combined mid & lower face – £500/session or £1200

Mole removal – £195


How do I know which treatment options I will need for my facelift?

You really need to have a consultation with our doctor to have a better idea of this. Information on this page and via the links below, will give you a better understanding of this technology and what it entails. We do encourage you to read all relevant FAQs. However, only after consultation, can a tailored treatment plan be devised. You can then go home and have some thinking time, before committing to any procedure.

How long do the results last for?

Please refer to the individual treatment pages and their specific FAQs for information on this.