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LIVE BETTER EVENT – 18th April 2024

Book your space at our Live Better Event on 18th April at Perfect Skin Solutions.

Join us for an evening focussed on Longevity and Wellbeing. Filled with insightful talks, live demonstrations, and exclusive perks, learn about our cutting-edge treatments; the Emerald Laser, Ballancer Pro Lymphatic suit and Votiva.

  • Event start time: 6pm
  • Ticket price: £10

What’s in store:

  • Hosted by Dr Dev Patel
  • Meet globally renowned guest speaker Dr Nichola Conlon, founder of Nuchido Laboratories: Learn the best way to elevate your NAD+ level and the secret behind improving your health span
  • Live demo with the Emerald Laser for fat reduction and longevity
  • Live demo with The Ballancer® Pro Lymphatic Drainage suit – what’s all the fuss about? 
  • Menopause: lateral thinking to its management
  • Urinary stress incontinence & vaginal dryness: Introducing Votiva, a simple, painless solution

Attendee Event Perks:

  • £15 off CellDerma’s Retin-ACE and Youth Restore
  • Complimentary Lymphatic Drainage Suit treatment package (8) with the purchase of the Emerald Laser package (8), saving you £400
  • Try before you buy: Purchase 1 month of Nuchido and receive a single trial session for Emerald Laser and Lymphatic Suit (Saving £425)
  • 20% off Nuchido products with the code DRDEV20
  • Votiva offer: Save £400 (1/3 off) when booked privately within 24 hours after the event
  • Free CellDerma product worth over £40

How to Secure Your Spot:

Purchase your ticket in-clinic to secure your slot – alternatively, call us on 023 9275 4777 or email us at

**Terms and Conditions Apply:**

  • To benefit from the discount, CellDerma products must be purchased at the event
  • Offers to be booked on the event day with 10% non-refundable deposit to be paid on the day
  • Votiva offer to be booked within 24 hours after the event
  • Attendees are to have commenced their treatment packages by the end of May

Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your longevity & improve your lifestyle.

Secure your place today!

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