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Get to know Dionne, Senior Therapist at Perfect Skin Solutions

Want to get to know our Therapists, Nurses and Doctors a little more? Now is your chance. Learn about their favourite aesthetics treatments, their experience in the industry, and what makes them tick in our series of interviews with the Perfect Skin Solutions team.

Meet Dionne, Senior Therapist…

1. What is it like to work in one of the most reputable clinics in England?
It’s great! Working with an amazing team with so much knowledge that is constantly being shared. The treatment profile is amazing, when you’re a therapist this is excellent and just what you want. Dr Patel is always looking for the best treatments for our patients.

2. How long have you been an Aesthetics Therapist and how long have you worked at Perfect Skin Solutions?
I’ve been an aesthetic practitioner for 15 years now, 2 of which have been at Perfect Skin Solutions.

3. What led you to become an Aesthetic Therapist? Was it a career you always knew you wanted?
I trained in beauty therapy straight from school and qualified when I was 18 before moving into aesthetics some years later. I loved the relaxation side of beauty but wanted to see more visible results with the treatments I performed, so moved over to aesthetics.

4. What is your most popular or favourite treatment to perform on your patients?
My favourite treatments are definitely anything to do with the face. Whether it’s treating skin laxity, pigmentation or redness.

5. Tell us a bit about you outside of work? What makes you tick?
When I’m not working, I’m usually with my family getting outside as much as possible.

6. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of training to become an aesthetic therapist?
Do it! It’s such a great career, and if you’re lucky enough to work somewhere like PSS you will never get bored!

7. What are the top 3 qualities needed to work for an award-winning aesthetics clinic?
– Passion for the job.
– A want to learn and better yourself.
– Compassion

8. What’s your favourite thing about working for Perfect Skin Solutions?
What’s not to love! The team, the treatments, and lovely patients.





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