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Smooth for the Summer – Why more and more people are investing in laser hair removal 

Smooth for the Summer – Why more people are investing in Laser Hair Removal 

Have you ever cut yourself whilst shaving?  

Do you have irritation after being waxed?  

Are you bored of the daily, weekly, or monthly chore? 

What if we told you there was a way to have long-lasting (if not permanent) smooth skin all year round without having to go to all this effort? Well, there is! Laser Hair Removal.  

What is Laser Hair Removal and how does it work?  

By using laser technology and light energy, we can convert the pigment from the hair in the follicle into heat which over time will destroy the follicle meaning nothing can grow there. Years ago, this process could be long and painful, however, with the modern-day technology available to us now, this has become a fast and relatively painless treatment.  

The lasers we have here at Perfect Skin Solutions are able to target multiple follicles at once, reducing the time you spend on the procedure. Most new machines also have a specially designed cooling tip meaning that whilst the laser is generating heat, the surround is counteracting this and has a cool, soothing effect as it glides over the skin. You will need to shave the area before your treatment so we can access the hair follicle. Waxing is not permitted because if there is no hair in the follicle then there is no pigment for the laser to convert to heat, meaning the treatment will be ineffective. In addition, if the hair in the follicle is unshaved, the energy from the laser will be wasted on the length of the hair rather than making its way deeper into the follicle making the treatment pointless.  

A course of 6-10 sessions is usually required but this varies from person to person, we are all unique individuals. 

Why choose Laser Hair Removal? 

The advantages of laser hair removal far outweigh any disadvantages. The results are longer lasting (with maintenance) than most other forms of hair removal, including shaving or waxing where you will commonly see the hair growing back again just a short time later. 

At first you may think it is expensive for a course of laser, however overall, you will end up saving money in the long term! Look at it as an investment in yourself. According to BMI Healthcare, the average amount women spend on waxing in their lifetime is £17,000, with the average cost of shaving for women set at £7,000. Treatment prices for laser can vary depending on the size of the area being treated and the number of sessions needed and at Perfect Skin Solutions, individual treatments start from £39 per session with packages available from £119. By purchasing a course of treatments, you will see a considerable discount meaning the more treatments you have the more money you save. For those of us who are more eco-minded, this is also a much more sustainable option for hair removal as it reduces the need for single-use plastics like disposable razors.  

If you are someone who suffers with ingrown hairs as well as shaving rash or dry skin, Laser Hair Removal is also the perfect solution for you! The laser targets the follicle, therefore reducing (even eliminating) these annoying and painful problems. 

Most machines now also allow us to treat all skin Fitzpatrick types. We can target unwanted hairs without damaging the pigment in the skin, meaning we can treat darker skin tones.  

Unfortunately, if you have grey or light blonde hairs that you want to get rid of, this treatment will not work for you. No pigment means there is nothing for the laser to detect to target deeming the treatment fruitless, for these hairs, electrolysis is the alternative treatment. 

There is typically, no downtime after laser hair removal, however, there are strict aftercare rules that you will need to follow to reduce the risk of complications. A patch test is always required prior to your treatment date. After your treatment and for 48 hours after, you will need to avoid strong exfoliating products, swimming, and strenuous exercise (anything that may cause excessive sweating), deodorants (for 24 hours only if the underarms have been treated) and no sun exposure for the first 5 days post-treatment. For 1 week before you are due your treatment, you need to avoid fake tan and sunbeds, direct sun exposure (apply SPF 30+ sunscreen on the areas being treated), this is why this is a perfect Winter treatment, getting you ready for the following Summer. The use of Retinol (retinoids) is also prohibited for 1-week pre and post-treatment. 

If Laser Hair Removal sounds like the perfect option for you and you would like more information, then please contact our clinic, arrange for a free consultation, and patch test with one of our fully trained Aesthetic Therapists.  





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