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Non surgical anti ageing treatments in Portsmouth

The most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth

Everyone wants firm, fresh-looking skin, and non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth can help to rejuvenate the face and skin without invasive procedures.
As we hit our mid to late twenties, our skin begins to lose collagen supplies and firmness; because of this we start to see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It may feel distressing to see, but thankfully there are lots of ways of rejuvenating the skin without surgery – whatever your age.

Why do we get wrinkles and how can non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth help?

Lines and wrinkles begin to form as our collagen production slows down and existing collagen depletes. You may also begin to notice the signs of sun damage such as age spots and hyperpigmentation, especially if you’ve been less than vigilant with sunscreen over the years. Age spots and lines or wrinkles can make patients feel self-conscious or like they look older than their years, but there’s no need to suffer in silence with non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth.

Rejuvenating the skin without surgery is now becoming more and more popular thanks to the vast array of affordable non-surgical treatments available in clinics across the country, and at Perfect Skin Solutions Dr. Dev Patel is offering numerous simple and effective non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth that will have your complexion revitalised and your skin looking youthful again in as little as one sitting.

There are lots of non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth available that can improve tone and texture of the skin, which in turn leaves you looking more youthful and glowing. The key is understanding your specific areas of concern (e.g. dry skin, dull complexion, thread veins) and visiting a specialist that can pin point the exact treatment/s that will have you looking fabulous again in no time.

Popular treatments for those interested in rejuvenating the skin without surgery include:

– Chemical skin peels
– Dermapen FNS
– Injectables (like dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections)
– Cosmeceutical skincare
– Energy-assisted skin tightening eg Lipofirm PRO radiofrequency
– Laser and light treatment

Depending on what the skin concern is, there is a treatment to help. Whether you suffer with adult acne (or the scarring it cruelly leaves behind) thread veins or spider veins across your cheeks, lines around the eyes, or even simply a dry, dull complexion, at Perfect Skin Solutions you’ll be offered the very best non-surgical treatments.
Combination treatments (where two or more skin rejuvenation treatments and procedures are combined to provide you with a great result) are also available, and patients often enjoy the overall effects of mixing several non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth to combat the signs of ageing.

Non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth come with a wealth of positives. For example, rejuvenating the skin without surgery is generally a pain-free experience. While chemical skin peels can leave skin red and dry, most patients require NO time off work and the results are outstanding and the discomfort minimal. In the case of energy-assisted skin tightening treatments, such as those offered using the Lipofirm Pro, recovery is instant aside from some mild redness for some patients.

Not only that, these forms of skin rejuvenation treatment are all quick and no overnight stay is ever required. Less costly than surgery, skin rejuvenation treatments are affordable and the results are naturally beautiful. Your friends and family won’t be asking what work you’ve had done, but expressing how well and glowing you look – the ideal result.

Booking your non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth

If you’d like more information on rejuvenating the skin without surgery with non-surgical anti-ageing treatments in Portsmouth, it’s best to book an appointment with Dr Patel and the team here at Perfect Skin Solutions.
With a commitment to ensuring each patient feels comfortable and informed, you can be sure that undergoing a skin peel, dermal fillers or muscle relaxing injection treatment, or even choosing advanced skincare, will be a happy process.

Dr. Dev Patel takes great pride in making certain each and every patient choosing a non-surgical anti-ageing treatment in Portsmouth is treated as an individual. After all; your skin health matters.
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