Chemical Cauterisation

Chemical cauterisation plays a major part in the treatment of verrucae. The two agents used at this clinic are Salicylic acid and Silver nitrate.

This treatment offers minimum discomfort to the patient. As the treatment progresses and the verrucae become shallower there maybe some pain. The aim of this treatment is to burn away the verruca and a thin layer of underlying tissue, causing a blister or small wound.

Treatment Summary

For young children and those whose pain threshold is low this would be the treatment of choice. The number of treatments varies depending on the depth and size of the verruca. However it is recommended a course of 3 treatments is initially taken.

Please note times stated below are a guide only and vary between patients.

  • Procedure Time 30 mins
  • Full Recovery N/A
  • Duration of Results Unknown
  • Back To Work Time Same day
  • Sensitivity Period N/A
  • Anaesthetic None required
  • Risks & Complications May Blister or become a sore. This however will aid in the
    elimination of the verruca virus.


Chemical Cauterisation (course of 3 treatments) £135 plus £5 for the silver nitrate.  (Max 2 Verrucae 5mm Wide)
Review (10mins) £25


Keep your dressing dry so that the topical caustic treatment
is not washed away or diluted.


Can you explain my treatment in more detail?

The verrucae will first need to be debrided by the podiatrist.
The area is then masked off with an aperture pad and
salicylic acid – or both silver nitrate and salicylic acid – is
applied to the verruca within the aperture of this pad. This is
then covered by a dry dressing and a deflective pad if

How often would I need to return?

For the most beneficial result we recommend that the gap
between treatments be minimal ie once every week initially.
This may be increased to once every two weeks depending
on the podiatrist’s assessment of the lesion.

Is it painful?

Not generally. The callused skin within a verruca has no
nerve endings. However, once the verruca becomes
shallower and the surrounding skin is cauterised, there may
be some short-lived discomfort.