Nail Reconstruction

Perhaps a nail portion has cracked off or a thickened, oddly shaped or even fungal nail needs to be reshaped into one that is pleasing to the eye. If so Pedisafe nail remodeling system is the answer. Pedisafe is gel which is applied and curated under UVA light. A new nail is constructed of numerous layers depending on the shape of the original nail. 

Treatment Summary

Please note times stated below are a guide only and vary between patients.

  • Procedure Time 60+ minutes
  • Full Recovery Nil
  • Duration of Results 2-4 months
  • Back To Work Time Immediate
  • Sensitivity Period N/A
  • Anaesthetic None required
  • Risks & Complications Very low risk procedure.


Nail reconstruction – £45

Pedisafe with Chiropody – £90 


The Wilde Pedique gel, once applied and cured, will essentially look like and cut like a regular toe nail.

The Pedisafe gel, once applied and cured, will essentially look like and cut like a regular toenail. It is important not to continually keep the nail immersed in water as this could reduce the longevity.  


Can you tell me more about Pedisafe?

It is an extremely elastic UV gel which sets when it is exposed to UV-A light. Pedisafe was developed specifically for corrective and restorative toenail treatments. The gel resin has the ability to bond to a surface, add strength and harden with a glossy finish, whilst at the same time, adapting to the movements of the toe due to its flexibility. The results can even be achieved on callus layers of the skin; thus, providing an excellent solution where the toenail is missing or damaged, or perhaps where the nail has been surgically removed and there is unsightly regrowth. This also makes it possible to conceal ridges and deformations and hide discolouration (eg fungal nail). 

Key Properties: 

  • No Odour 
  • No Discolouration – once the resin has been cured for about 2 minutes under a UV-A light, the material is completely cured and will not change 
  • No Primer/Chemical Activator – we do not use any aggressive acidic primers which can damage the natural nail plate 
  • No Damage to the Natural Nail – as the gel cures to a flexible surface, it will not damage the natural nail plate